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Draft Agenda






Panel Discussion – Market Fundamentals for the European Flour Sector
•    Analysis of the industry demand and supply
•    Has COVID-19 brought-in structural changes in the European food supply-chain?
•    Producers challenges: milling margins, extraction rates, and consumption patterns

Panel Discussion – Overview of the EMEA Animal Feed Market
•    What’s next for the European feed industry?
•    To what extent has the ASF outbreak in China and South East Asia affected dietary trends and impacted grain demand? 
•    Is the animal feed industry going through structural changes?

Presentation – Analysis of the Animal Feed and Vegetable Oil Sectors in Europe
•    Overview of the European animal feed industry and grain consumption outlook
•    Analysis of the European oilseed market: how market fundamentals correlate to futures and cash prices
•    European soybean long term forecast 

Presentation – The Evolution of Alternative Food 
•    Brief chronological overview of new protein manufacturing
•    Environmental and sustainable characteristics of the new protein sector
•    Targeting consumers: food packaging and marketing communication

Presentation – How New Sources of Protein Impact Food Processing
•    Striking the balance: managing costs of production while enticing consumption growth
•    Overview of the latest scientific developments in products and technologies
•    The production of vitamins and nutrients-rich alternative-protein food

Presentation – Plant-Based and Insect-Based Protein Sector
•    The protein gap and its impact of grain consumption
•    Focus on Singapore becoming a new protein R&D centre 
•    Analysis of market size and growth potential

Panel Discussion – Mapping Out Opportunities in the New Protein Sector 
•    Investment rationale in the new protein sector
•    Capital, technology and IP: what are the foundation blocks of successful start-ups?
•    How traditional trading houses can take advantage of the growth in new protein sector?

Networking Cocktail Party and End of Day 1

18th NOVEMBER 2020

Keynote Session – Grain Trade Projections 2021 and Beyond
•    2020 crop in numbers
•    The challenges ahead: Macroeconomics concerns & COVID-19
•    How the 2020 trade restrictions can impact trade volumes next year
•    Trade forecast for the season 2020-2021
•    The impact of US Presidential elections on grain trade

Keynote Panel Discussion – Trading Houses: What Dictates the Pace of Change?
•    What can traders do to remain profitable with shrinking margins?
•    Has COVID-19 halted the drive towards sustainability in trading? 
•    Digitalisation of trading: Restoration or Revolution?
•    The quest to find highly profitable market niches
•    Observations on the global patterns of grain consumption

Presentation – The Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Grain Trade
    The largest UN study on how COVID-19 has affected trade
•    Analysis of volumes traded in medium and large trading routes
•    Identification of protectionist behaviour(s)

Panel Discussion – E-Commerce: Lesson from COVID-19 and Beyond
•    Public-private partnerships to foster global trade
•    How digitalisation has accelerated the development of new administrative procedures 
•    IGC members’ panel

Panel Discussion – Blockchain Technology in Grain Trade
•    Overview of the latest industry projects
•    How digital technology is shaping the grain trade sector
•    Blockchain technology to enhance food traceability, security and sustainability

Presentation – 2020 Crop Quality
•    Overview of the 2020 crop quality in major Northern Hemisphere producing regions
•    Analysis of Black Sea wheat, soybean, corn and animal feed 
•    Focus on Northern Hemisphere corn crop

Presentation – Weather Outlook (i: Northern Hemisphere; ii: Southern Hemisphere)
•    Weather modelling assessment and its impact on the major planting regions
•    Outlook on the Southern (Northern) hemisphere harvesting season
•    An early weather outlook for the 2021 growing season 

Presentation – Freight Market Update
•    How digitalisation is affecting the freight market
•    Dry bulk shipping supply and demand analysis 
•    The impact of trade wars on freight rates and routes 

Networking Cocktail Party and End of Day 2

19th NOVEMBER 2020

Panel Discussion – The Black Sea grain market outlook
•    Who are the winners and losers of the 2020 harvest?
•    Trade volumes, patterns and routes for the 2020-21 trading season
•    How export restrictions and stockpiling can affect Black Sea trading in the short and medium-term

Panel Discussion – Black Sea logistics
•    Update on recent and new infrastructure projects
•    Measuring the investment appetite for logistics facilities in the Black Sea
•    Analysis of the Black Sea transport infrastructure

Panel Discussion – Quantifying Risks in Grain Trading
•    Pricing geopolitical risk in grain trading
•    How grain traders price the risk of global crises? 
•    Managing currency volatility and counterparty exposure

Panel Discussion – A Market or Markets: The Growing Need for Regional Derivatives Contracts
•    Strategic hedging mix for grain futures, are OTC products sufficiently used?
•    Is the emergence of regional trading patterns generating regional premiums?
•    Update on contracts introduced or being considered by the major exchanges


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