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Agenda Overview

China Briefing Day: Monday, 12 March 2018: Monday, March 12, 2018

12:40PM Scoping China changing patterns to the meat-feed-G&O complex
  • China butterfly effect and the likely growing impacts(s) - from Ag diplomacy to supremacy
  • Overview of China meat-feed, grain and oilseed inter-correlation
  • Understanding the future demand and consumption trends for:
    • Pork vs other animal protein
    • Corn
    • Soy
    • Wheat
    • Feed
  • Gauging how much China, and Asia, will be driving agri-food prices over the coming 12 months
J Y Chow, Senior VP, Food & Agri Sector Coverage Asia Pacific, Mizuho Bank
1:15PM Mapping recent macroeconomic developments and future trends
  • Providing an overview of China’s position on the global economic stage
    • Gauging the buying power within the grain sector
  • Coping with the ongoing population growth
  • The direction of travel for China’s economy
  • Political appetite for trade and how this translates into reality
Emily French, Managing Director, ConsiliAgra
1:55PM Networking refreshment break
2:25PM Understanding the impact of Chinese policy reforms on grain trading
  • Exploring the impact of the pricing mechanism on rice and staple food production
    • How the price will be settled by the market
  • The result of initiatives to encourage soybean production
    • Working within the parameters of purity regulations
  • How land ownership rights is shaping Chinese production
  • Exploring the need for further environmental and conversation policies
  • Reviewing the impact of recent agricultural policy reforms:
    • The removal of the price support system for corn
Juhui Huang, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Greater China, BRF
3:05PM Controlling the global value chain
  • Mapping China’s plans for global supply chain investment
  • Predicting future investment levels in origination regions
  • Opportunities for supply chain stakeholders
  • Technological investment options
  • Overall impact on global grain markets
Gavin Maguire, Asia Commodities Editor in Charge, Thomson Reuters Markets
3:40PM Networking refreshment break
4:00PM China storage issues and reserves sales
  • China’s export plans for grain reserves:
    • Understanding how planting incentives have led to a surplus in staple crops
    • How sales of Chinese staple crop reserves have been accelerated
    • Likely future production incentives and sales trends for staple crops
  • Solving the storage issue:
    • The projected volumes of Chinese corn stocks following recent planting incentives
    • Understanding how this will effect cost and competitiveness in global exports
    • The long term outlook for corn production
Jianfei (Jeffrey) Xu, Managing Director, Overseas China Investment Ltd and Shanghai Goodsoy Trading Ltd
4:30PM Balancing meat production against imports
  • Exploring the impact of meat import trends upon demand for feed grain
  • Understanding how the continued growth the middle class will play out
    • Gauging the impact upon meat consumption
  • Whether China has the capabilities to produce domestic meat, or favour imports
  • The shifting economics and financial realities in domestic meat production vs import
  • Identifying the future opportunities within feed grain trading
    • Import trends
    • Supply chain requirements
Eric Brooks, Senior Analyst, eFeedLink
Loren Puette, Director, ChinaAg
5:00PM Welcome drinks reception

Day 1: Tuesday, March 13, 2018

8:00AM Registration
9:00AM Opening Remarks
9:05AM Emerging economies, shifting demand and the global grains and oilseeds outlook 2018
  • Assessing whether the agriculture sector will rebound in 2018
  • Gauging when the current global commodity oversupply surplus will disappear
  • Exploring the impact of the growth in grain and oilseed trade volumes upon the global market
    • Analysing the rising demand for soybean products
  • Understanding when global supply and demand will rebalance
  • How the large trading houses will respond to the current market dynamics
  • Sector focus:
    • Black Sea trade flows into Asia
    • How demand from China will shape the market
Emily French, Managing Director, ConsiliAgra
10:00AM Macroeconomic Outlook: Impact of economic factors on the global agriculture sector
  • Trade agreements in jeopardy and implications for the agri supply chain to Asia
  • Assessing the impact of China’s continued economic slowdown
  • How are currency value changes affecting Asian market participants?
  • Which correlated markets should grain traders be following closely in the coming year?


Michael Every, Director - Head of Financial Markets Research - Asia Pacific, Rabobank
10:45AM Morning refreshments and networking break
11:15AM Global weather trends and agriculture: What to watch heading into the Northern Hemisphere growing season
  • Update on La Niña/El Niño and what it means for global weather patterns
  • Forecasts for the remainder of the South American growing season
  • What is the latest from Australia by region?
  • Weather expectations for the upcoming growing season in North America, Europe and Black Sea
Kyle Tapley, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist, Maxar
11:45AM US crop production and export outlook
  • Production expectations for wheat, corn and soy for the coming season
  • Exploring how US are exports remaining price competitive in the current market
  • Gauging shifting demand in Asia and impacts upon planting decisions in the US
  • Understanding the impact of the withdrawal from the TPP on US agri exports to Asia


12:15PM Understanding the legalities within international grain trading
  • The realities of settling disputes
  • Shoring up all links in the supply and distribution chain to mitigate risk
  • Ensuring you are fully protected contractually
  • Achieving a commercially viable outcome
Leon Alexander, Partner, Clyde and Co Clasis Singapore Pte Ltd
12:45PM Networking lunch break
2:00PM Australian grains: Are supply concerns well-founded?
  • How have regional weather conditions affected crop size and quality?
  • Can Australian wheat remain price competitive with its international competition?
  • How has the protein premium changed this year?
  • Are Australian exporters seeing significantly increased demand from existing markets in the region?  Are any new markets attracting interest?
Brett Donoghue, Director, Agracom Pty Ltd
Brett Cooper, Head of Commodities - Asia, INTL FCStone Pte Ltd
Ben Gliddon, Group Pricing Manager, Interflour Holdings
2:30PM Recovery in Ocean Freight: assessing the risks for grain buyers
  • Ocean Freight Recovery – a historical overview
  • Where is the freight market heading?
    • Supply Demand analysis & forecast
  • Long term changes to fuel costs
John D'Ancona, Divisional Director, Analysis Group, Clarksons Platou Asia Pte Ltd
3:15PM Black Sea grains: Assessing the price-quality balance
  • Which Asian destinations are showing the most demand for Black Sea originated grains?
  • What are the main challenges exporting into these markets?
  • To what extent has crop quality been compromised by poor weather?
  • How will increased competition from other region influence prices?
Oleg Kryukovskiy, Head of Trading, GTCS Trading DMCC
Viktor Korobko, Director, Veles Agro
3:45PM Afternoon refreshments and networking break
4:15PM Canada’s important role in the supply of grains, oilseeds and pulses to Asia
  • Update on production figures from Canada, by state
  • Quality characteristics of Canadian crops
  • Where is most money being invested in the supply chain?
  • Trade agreements – what do recent changes mean for Canada’s agri exports to Asia?
Gary Stanford, Past President, Grain Growers of Canada
4:45PM Indian grains, oilseeds and pulses outlook: Is self-sufficiency realistic?
  • Recent import tariffs on wheat and pulses – what does this mean for global trade?
  • Where have these countries been sourcing their wheat and what grades are most desirable?
  • Assessing the price and quality of Indian and Bangladeshi origin grains and the appetite of Asia Pacific end users for them
  • How can traders find value in Indian and Bangladeshi grain?
Sumit Gupta, Director, McDonald Pelz
5:15PM Is Myanmar set to become the new Vietnam for grain suppliers?
  • What potential does Myanmar have as a destination market for grains and oilseeds?
  • How has foreign investment in the agri sector increased since the removal of sanctions by the US and EU?
  • What commodities are being exported from Myanmar and where to?
  • Tapping into the Burmese market – what challenges are being faced?
U Tin Htut Oo, Chairman of Agriculture Group, Yoma Strategic Holdings
5:45PM Networking drinks reception

Day 2: Wednesday, March 14, 2018

9:00AM Chairperson’s opening remarks
9:10AM Asia and Africa: Building a sustainable partnership model
  • Growth opportunities for organisations that have found success in Asia
  • One Belt, One Road Initiative; A classical model for local, national and regional integration within Africa
  • The balancing act of building and developing both the domestic and global market
  • Explore the opportunities for technological innovation and mechanization in enhancing agricultural productivity
  • Clarifying the supply chain interrelationships between companies, primary producers, brokers, food supply chain businesses and retailers
  • Operational and risk management strategies to manage volatility in global commodity markets
  • The role and importance of agriculture and agribusiness in contributing to economic growth, development and food security
Olumide Famakinwa, Executive Director, Business Development and Joint Venture, Cargo Marketing International Ltd
9:40AM South American production: Can this region strengthen their position in global grains and oilseeds trade?
  • Farming situation within Uruguay and Paraguay
  • Gauging the impact of Brazilian and Argentine politics and weather
  • The outlook for container trading from South America
  • Understanding the farming and logistics complications from farmer to farmer destinations
  • Grain and Feedstuff Demands in GCC
    • Grain and Feedstuff offers in Containers from US
  • Global Farming of Hay and Forage
    • Global Feed Solutions
Eduardo Calacha Gibernau, CEO, The Grain Leader
10:10AM South American logistics and infrastructure development: The key to Asian grains and oilseeds supply?
  • New government and private sector infrastructure projects – progress and expectations
  • Which regions are suffering the worst supply bottlenecks and how can these be alleviated?
  • What is to become of the proposed railway connecting Mato Grosso with the South of Brazil?  Is this plan likely to come to fruition?
  • How can Brazil optimise cargo use by bringing in fertilizers and other commodities as return freight?
Arthur Neto, Director, Alphamar
David Ross, General Manager, Alphamar
10:40AM Refreshments and networking break
11:00AM Feed millers: Can a demand increase be sustained?
  • One year on, how are Indonesian feed millers adapting to the corn import ban?
  • Projected meat consumption levels for developed and developing Asian countries
  • How is production set to change to align with this demand?
  • Quality and price requirements for feed millers across Asia
Neoh Soon Bin, Managing Director, Soon Soon Group
Dr. Desianto Utomo, Vice President, Feed Technology Division, Charoen Pokphand Indonesia and Secretary General, Indonesian Feedmills Association (GPMT)
Dao Manh Luong, CEO, Austfeed Vietnam Corporation
11:40AM Flour millers: Wheat procurement strategies
  • Latest developments in milling efficiencies
  • What risk management strategies are being implemented by millers in the region?
  • How do Asia Pacific millers value wheat qualities by region?
  • How are currency fluctuations affecting procurement strategies in the region?
Mohamed Riyal, CEO, Serendib Flour Mills (Pvt) Ltd
Zas Ureawan, Vice President, PT Sriboga Flour Mill
12:20PM Exploring the future shape of the Asian trading industry
  • Gauging where consumption will drive demand
  • How policy is shaping trading strategies across the continent
  • Understanding where infrastructure is helping improve returns
  • How M&A activity has impacted the market
    • The expected shape of the trading industry in 1/3/5 years
  • Generating yield in the current climate
Vijay Iyengar, Chairman & Managing Director, Agrocorp International Pte Ltd
Paul Bloemendal, MD, Pretb PTE Ltd
1:00PM Networking brunch hosted by Asia Pacific Grain Traders

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