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Agenda Overview

Day One: Monday, March 13, 2017

INTL FCStone Risk Management Workshop

8:30AM Registration desk opens
8:45AM Welcome by hosts
9:00AM Importance of price risk management
9:45AM Overview of futures market
  • Terminology, concepts, mechanics
  • Types of traders
  • Financial integrity – margin
10:45AM Morning refreshments and networking break
11:00AM Hedging and basis
  • Cash – futures relationships
  • Hedging concept and mechanics
11:45AM Local Asian basis and futures edges
  • Practical hedging examples for buyers - wheat millers and feed manufacturers
12:30PM Networking lunch break
1:15PM Overview of options
  • Terminology, concepts and pricing
2:15PM Option strategies for Asia
3:00PM Afternoon refreshments and networking break
3:15PM Introduction to the OTC markets
4:15PM Practical OTC applications for Asian markets
  • Wheat millers and feed manufacturers
5:00PM Interest rates and FX market exposure
5:25PM Closing remarks
5:30PM Welcome drinks reception hosted by SGS Group

China Briefing Day

12:00PM Registration desk opens
12:30PM Overview of the Chinese grains and oilseeds market
  • Corn, wheat, soy, feed and pork fundamental trajectories
  • Major swing factors for Chinese grains and oilseeds balance sheet
  • Potential new game changers - are the good years behind us?
J Y Chow, Senior VP, Food & Agri Sector Coverage Asia Pacific, Mizuho Bank
1:00PM Chinese macroeconomic fundamentals and implications for the agricultural sector
  • What can be expected for China’s economy in the coming decade?
  • Impact of the one- and two-child policies on demographics
  • Currency devaluations and impact on trade
  • Trade relationships; past, present and future
Jiao Jian, Senior Economist and Deputy General Manager, COFCO Futures
1:30PM Governmental agricultural policy reforms and their impact on the market
  • Removal of price support system for corn – what does this mean for farmers and buyers?
  • Will there be a new price support system to replace this?
  • Is there a need for conservation criteria in any new policy?
  • Update on Chinese corn stockpiles and exports – where are these going?
Juhui Huang, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Greater China, BRF
2:00PM Networking refreshment break
2:30PM Chinese grains panel: corn, DDGS and sorghum market dynamics
  • Removal of corn price support and impact on market players
  • Supply and demand projectionswhere is the volume coming from?
  • DDGS anti-dumping update – how will this affect trade of other products between US and China?
  • Import permit issues – is this an ongoing problem?
Simon Yin, Product Manager, China Sinopharm International Corporation
3:15PM Controlling the source: Chinese investment in origination regions
  • Notable mergers and acquisition trends in South America, Australia and North America
  • What might this mean for grain markets?
  • Different investment strategies: land, logistics, processing or origination/trading
  • What is the right partnership and governance model?
Kevin Tang, Director, CCIBC
3:45PM Networking refreshment break
4:15PM Chinese soybean meal demand review and hot topics for the year ahead
  • Review of Chinese protein demand in 2016
  • Outlook for protein demand in 2017
  • Analysis of key market drivers – macroeconomic impact on the market
4:45PM Panel discussion: importing grains vs importing meat
  • Domestic meat production and import trends
  • What does trend of buying assets at the source mean for local grain traders and hog farmers?
  • Does it make more sense for China to pursue a grain import or meat import strategy?
Moderator: Juhui Huang, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Greater China, BRF
Marcos Jank, Senior Professor Agribusiness, Insper Agro Global
Ji Tao Han, Vice CEO, New Hope Liuhe
J Y Chow, Senior VP, Food & Agri Sector Coverage Asia Pacific, Mizuho Bank
5:30PM Welcome drinks reception hosted by SGS Group

Day Two: Tuesday, March 14, 2017

8:00AM Registration desk opens
9:00AM Chairperson's opening remarks
9:05AM The Quiet Giant – emerging economies, shifting demand and the global grains and oilseeds outlook 2017
  • World record production versus record feed demand – inelasticity in the threat of any weather problems
  • Emerging importers and geopolitics – who is buying what, from where and the impact on “traditional” markets
  • World feed demand – harder to measure and gauge.  How susceptible is the world to under-estimating this driver?
  • What is the world willing to pay for the U.S. to be the world’s reserve or storage tank of wheat, corn and soybeans?
  • Quality and protein levels – key theme for the world wheat market
  • Argentina – the key for world soymeal and soy oil prices as the market transitions under the Macri administration
Emily French, Managing Director, ConsiliAgra
10:00AM The Great Game of Global Trade
  • Trade relationships - past, present and future
  • What does the future hold for the TPP?
  • The Trump Effect
  • Implications of trade relationship changes for the global ag commodity market
Michael Every, Head of Financial Markets Research, Asia Pacific, Rabobank
10:30AM Morning refreshments and networking break
11:00AM Australian winter wheat season review: have quality concerns been realised?
  • How have regional weather conditions affected crop size and quality?
  • Can Australian wheat remain price competitive with its international competition?
  • How has the protein premium changed this year?
  • Are Australian exporters seeing significantly increased demand from existing markets in the region?  Are any new markets attracting interest?
Brett Donoghue, Director, Agracom Pty Ltd
Elmar Nau, Group Operations Director, Interflour Group Pte Ltd
Gavin Bignell, General Manager - Operations, CBH Group
11:30AM North American crop production and export outlook
  • What are this coming season’s production expectations for wheat, corn and soy?
  • How can USA and Canada remain price competitive in the current market?
  • To what extent are North American farmers turning towards pulses as an alternative to wheat?  How much of this is due to Asian demand?
Fraser Gilbert, Senior Strategic Business Development - Agricultural Services, SGS Group Management SA
12:00PM Managing currency and FX risk in an uncertain global economic environment
  • What are the main risks associated with changing FX rates and currency valuations?
  • Effective hedging strategies to protect margins from FX risk
  • Utilising options to protect your downside while participating in the upside
Ron Waliczek, OTC FX and Rates Structured Solutions, INTL FCStone
12:30PM Networking lunch break

Gafta Arbitration and its new developments

Jade Dyson, Director Of Gafta Singapore, GAFTA Singapore
Jaine Chisholm Caunt, Director General, Gafta
1:45PM Grain trading in the 'Information Age'
  • Re-inventing supply chains through use of cross-platform data integration, professional networks, real time communication tools and geographic information systems
  • How can the international grain trading and milling community leverage these tools to achieve further efficiencies?
  • Following vessels and port logistics in real time
  • Crop monitoring tools to access harvest quality data as quickly as possible
Siavosh Arasteh, Managing Director, AgFlow SA
2:15PM South American production: can this region strengthen their position in global grains and oilseeds trade?
  • Looking back on a season hampered by adverse weather conditions
  • Argentina’s promising economic recovery – how have export policy changes affected the country’s production volumes and trade flows?
  • Brazil update – how has the country’s political situation changed in recent months and what impact is this having on the market?
  • Export capabilities for wheat, corn and soy
Lennart Andersen, Broker, Arcevil SA
2:45PM South American logistics and infrastructure development: the key to Asian grains and oilseeds supply?
  • New government and private sector infrastructure projects – progress and expectations
  • Which regions are suffering the worst supply bottlenecks and how can these be alleviated?
  • What is to become of the proposed railway connecting Mato Grosso with the South of Brazil?  Is this plan likely to come to fruition?
  • How can Brazil optimise cargo use by bringing in fertilizers and other commodities as return freight?
Marcelo Neri, CEO, Alphamar
Arthur Neto, Director, Alphamar
3:15PM Afternoon refreshments and networking break
3:45PM Black Sea grains: assessing the price-quality balance
  • Which Asian destinations are showing the most demand for Black Sea originated grains?
  • What are the main challenges exporting into these markets?
  • To what extent has crop quality been compromised by poor weather?
  • How will increased competition from other region influence prices?
Oleg Kryukovskiy, Head of Trading, GTCS Trading DMCC
4:15PM Southeast Asian millers’ strategies in a low price environment
  • How are Indonesian feed millers adapting to the corn import ban?
  • What risk management strategies are being implemented by millers in the region?
  • How do Asia Pacific millers value wheat qualities?
  • How are currency fluctuations affecting procurement strategies in the region?
  • Projected meat consumption levels for developed and developing Asian countries
Neoh Soon Bin, Managing Director, Soon Soon Group
Winston Hsu, Director, PT Satwa Boga Sempurna
5:00PM Is Myanmar set to become the new Vietnam for grain suppliers?
  • What potential does Myanmar have as a destination market for grains and oilseeds?
  • How has foreign investment in the agri sector increased since the removal of sanctions by the US and EU?
  • Where are new feed mills being built and what are plans for the future?
  • Tapping into the Burmese market – what challenges are being faced?
U Tin Htut Oo, Chairman of Agriculture Group, Yoma Strategic Holdings
5:30PM Networking drinks reception, hosted by GAFTA and supported by Starcom Resources, at the Singapore Cricket Club

Day Three: Wednesday, March 15, 2017

9:00AM Chairperson's opening remarks
9:15AM Traders’ panel: strategies to ride out the storm and make gains in a tough market
  • New markets and changing demand – which destinations are of most interest?
  • What impact have traders felt from the significant consolidation in the market?
  • How are traders in the region utilising risk management tools to hedge their risk?
  • What strategies are being adopted to increase margins in a difficult environment?
Alban Coton, Group Manager - Trade Grains, ADM Asia Pacific Trading Pte Ltd
Brett Cooper, Head of Commodities - Asia, INTL FCStone Pte Ltd
Vijay Iyengar, Chairman & Managing Director, Agrocorp International Pte Ltd
Luke Mason, Head of Grains - Asia, Concordia Agritrading Pte Ltd
10:00AM Global weather trends and agriculture: what to watch heading into the Northern Hemisphere growing season
  • Update on La Niña/El Niño and what it means for global weather patterns
  • Wrap-up of South American growing season and the latest on Southeast Asia and Australia
  • Weather expectations for the upcoming growing season in North America, Europe, Black Sea and China
Kyle Tapley, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist, Maxar
10:30AM Refreshments and networking break
11:15AM Ocean freight in crisis: an era of risks and opportunities for grain buyers
  • Ocean freight markets in crisis - a historical overview
  • Where is the grain freight market heading?  Supply and demand analysis and forecast
  • Managing the risks and capturing opportunities - a grain trading company perspective
John D'Ancona, Divisional Director, Analysis Group, Clarksons Platou Asia Pte Ltd
11:45AM India and Bangladesh: reliant again on wheat imports
  • What do India’s domestic policies look like and how will these affect grain trade flows?
  • Where have these countries been sourcing their wheat and what grades are most desirable?
  • Assessing the price and quality of Indian and Bangladeshi origin grains and the appetite of Asia Pacific end users for them
  • How can traders find value in Indian and Bangladeshi grain?
Sumit Gupta, Director, McDonald Pelz
12:15PM Networking brunch hosted by Asia Pacific Grain Traders

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