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Risk management workshops

The separately bookable pre-event risk management workshops, hosted by INTL FCStone and Advance Trading Inc., will take place the day before the main conference, on Tuesday 8th November 2016 at the InterContinental hotel, Geneva. 


To register for the INTL FCStone workshop, please follow this link.

To register for the Advance Trading workshop, please follow this link.

The workshops are available to registered event delegates only.​


INTL FCStone Workshop Agenda

Morning Session: “Importance of Risk Management Using Futures & Options”

09:00        Importance of Price Risk Management to Your Bottom Line 

09:30        Refresher on Hedging with Futures 

10:30        Break

10:45        Refresher on Options 

11:30        Importance of Delta to Your Price Risk Management Portfolio 

12:00        Practical Commercial “Option” Applications 

12:45        Lunch

Afternoon Session: “Clearing the Mystique of Using OTC Markets to Manage Commercial Price Risk”

13:30        OTC Markets – The New Price Risk Management Frontier 

14:30        Practical Commercial “OTC” Applications 

15:30        Break

16:15        Impact of Interest Rates & Foreign Exchange on your Bottom Line

17:00        Summary 


INTL FCStone Workshop Speakers


Richard Jelinek, Vice President Global Education, INTL FCStone

Richard Jelinek is Vice President Global Education at INTL FCStone Financial.

His primary responsibility is the development of price risk management programs and materials on Agricultural Futures, Options and OTC Swaps.  

Richard’s professional tenure includes 34 years at the CBOT and CME Group, where he focused on price risk management training for all agricultural sectors including the Food Industry in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and the United States. Additionally, he is an Adjunct Professor at Moraine Valley College in the English as a Second Language department.

Mr. Jelinek’s Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Southern Illinois University and Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia were preceded by a four-year tour in the United States Navy.  


Matt Ammermann, Commodity Risk Manager – Vice President Eastern Europe/Black Sea Region, INTL FCStone

Matt Ammermann is a commodity risk management consultant in the Black Sea/CIS region for INTLFCStone. Working at the forefront of risk management in one of the fastest and largest growing agricultural markets in the world, his team provides risk management solutions to help improve and control margins and the impact of commodity prices to a business's operation. INTL FCStone also provides in-depth market intelligence, which provides tremendous value in the volatile commodity markets. Growing up on a farm and active in its operations, Matt understands the markets are changing; companies that actively manage their price risk will be in a better position to grow and adapt to these market changes.


Jaime Nolan-Miralles, Vice President OTC & Advisory EMEA, INTL FCStone

Jaime Nolan Miralles is Vice President of OTC and Advisory EMEA at INTL FCStone, responsible for developing and executing comprehensive and proactive price risk management solutions for the EMEA grain and oilseed commercial sector. Margin protection and stability remain Mr. Nolan Miralles’ core focus, always striving for the most effective, conservative and beneficial risk/reward price risk management strategies. 

Having studied for a degree in financial services at Dublin Business School, Mr. Miralles commenced his career with INTL FCStone in 2007. Prior to that, he worked as an open outcry pit trader trading foreign exchange futures markets at the New York Board of trade’s Finex floor situated in Dublin. Today, his client’s base is represented by the full grain & oilseed chain, from producers, traders, and processors through to end users.


Advance Trading Workshop Agenda


Please join Advance Trading Inc. for a thorough and timely presentation by analyst Dr. Larry Shonkwiler reviewing current global fundamentals for coarse grains, soy complex products and wheat. 

Dr. Shonkwiler will provide insight into current fundamentals as well as assess the effects these fundamentals will have on each respective market. 

Paul Dubravec, Merchandising and Risk Management Consultant and Vice President of Advance Trading Inc. will then discuss the relevant merchandising and price risk implications and provide insight on how best to manage those risks. 


08:30        Welcome and introduction to Advance Trading Inc.

09:00        Fundamental outlook of course grains, soy products and wheat

10:15        Refreshment break

10:30        Merchandising implications affected by current fundamentals – review factors affecting basis/premium and spreads and ways to manage that risk

11:45        Refreshment break

12:00        Procurement challenges in light of current market fundamentals – price is unpredictable so how might we best manage that risk?  Review of hedging/price risk management tools and application to current market conditions

12:45        Closing remarks and Q&A 


Advance Trading Inc. Workshop Speakers


Paul Dubravec, Vice President, Commodity Risk Management / Merchandising Consultant, Advance Trading Inc.

Paul Dubravec is a Commodity Merchandising and Risk Management Consultant with Advance Trading, Inc.

He also currently serves as Vice President/Corporate Secretary - Treasurer of Advance. Growing up in rural Illinois, Paul's interest in agriculture grew from spending a great deal of time working in production agriculture operations in the area. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in Agricultural Economics/ Agribusiness Management, Paul began his career as a commodity merchandiser for a large multinational food/commodity trading firm.  In this roll he was active not only in the actual physical trade of various commodities but also in the logistics/freight involved in those commodities. 

In 1994 Paul joined Advance Trading, Inc and today continues to utilize his 25 plus years of industry experience working with producers, warehousing and trading groups, and consumer end users in reviewing various cash/physical opportunities, assessing risk and highlighting opportunities, and developing/executing prudent risk management and hedging programs.  Paul's current client base consists of U.S. and Global based companies.


Dr Larry Shonkwiler, Senior Agricultural Economist, Advance Trading Inc.

Larry Shonkwiler is a Senior Agricultural Economist for Advance Trading, Inc.  He was reared on a grain and livestock farm near Monticello, Illinois, in the heart of the U.S. corn and soybean production.  He earned a Bachelor's of Science in Agricultural Industries and a Master's of Science in Agricultural Economics from the University of Illinois.  He received a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from The Ohio State University.

He is responsible for assessing developments in both the domestic and overseas markets for coarse grains and oilseeds and their implications on corn and soybean merchandising opportunities for mid-western grain storage and handling facilities. He began his career in the Corporate Planning Department of an international grain exporting firm, followed by numerous short-term assignments in Central and South America. He also spent two years in Europe as Assistant Planning Manager of the organization's Western European Grain Division. 

There he completed acquisition assignments for three grain import/export facilities and developed the economic justification for the construction of an inland rail-loading facility in the south of France.

He has also conducted a variety of grain-related projects for clients, ranging from evaluating the economic feasibility of grain storage construction and other capital expenditure programs to facility appraisals for both agricultural lending institutions and prospective buyers.  He has completed over 300 grain elevator appraisals. 

He has also served as a consultant to the World Bank on projects in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.  His background also includes several years as a Business Analyst for a U.S. regional grain and supply cooperative.


Kelly Herrick, Risk Management Consultant, Advance Trading Inc.

Kelly Herrick was raised on a dairy farm in South Dakota.  After attending college at South Dakota State University and earning a bachelor of science degree, Kelly accepted employment at a local farmers cooperative providing producers agronomic advice.

Eventually, he accepted a fresh opportunity to grow a grain and agronomy location with a large cooperative in the Red River Valley of North Dakota.  This provided Kelly with an operational base of experience in grain operations and origination.  During Kelly’s tenure at the cooperative, the location expanded its rail and truck receiving capacities as well as established a producer base to capture fresh marketing opportunities.

After several years of work experience in the upper Midwest, Kelly accepted a grain division manager’s position with a cooperative in Southwest Kansas.  This widely irrigated agricultural environment which was tributary to a concentrated feedlot population allowed Kelly to concentrate on diverse risk management opportunities. The local truck markets were a good compliment to Kelly’s rail marketing experience further diversifying his cash trading experience. 

Following 3 production seasons, Kelly moved to Illinois and accepted his current position as a risk management consultant for Advance Trading. Kelly has been able to utilize his diverse background to provide a complete risk management perspective for his clients.  Kelly’s base of clients is primarily positioned in the western HRW belt and western Corn Belt.  He has increased his focus to include international clients in an educational and trading environment. 

Kelly is able to provide a unique perspective to the entire production chain by way of his nearly 20 years of work experience.   In addition to the grain risk management positioning, Kelly enjoys working with his clients on business structures, strategic planning and growth opportunities.

Kelly has been with Advance Trading for nearly 17 years as a risk management consultant.  In his free time he enjoys reading and traveling.


Jeffry Kuijpers, Executive Director, Agricultural Commodities and Alternative Investments EMEA, CME Group

Jeffry Kuijpers serves as Executive Director, Agricultural Commodities and Alternative Investments EMEA of CME Group. Based in London, Kuijpers markets CME Group’s suite of commodity products (grains, vegetable oils, livestock and dairy), Recent products he has been involved in developing include the Softs contract suite, European Wheat, the Biofuels product suite and the Fertilizer OTC products that are available for clearing at CME Clearing Europe. Additionally he is responsible for building CME Group’s Soft Commodity product portfolio.

Kuijpers previously served as Commodity Business Development Manager at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) in Chicago, where he was responsible for new contract development and contract maintenance. Prior to Chicago, Kuijpers worked for the CBOT in London, marketing to European end users. In 2007, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and CBOT merged to become CME Group.

He has extensive industry experience in the commodity arena, including as Senior Manager in the Global Commodities Group at Fortis Bank in both Rotterdam and London where he was responsible for the sugar and cotton credit portfolio. Before that, he worked as an account manager in the agricultural futures market at Amsterdam Exchanges NV. 

Kuijpers has an MSc in Agricultural Economics from Wageningen University, The Netherlands, and attended the Eli Broad College of Business as well as the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Michigan State University.

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