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Agenda Overview

Day One: Tuesday 1 March 2016

14:00 - 17:30    Asia-Pacific Millers Workshop in association with AgFlow

17:30 - 20:00    Evening welcome cocktail reception


Day Two: Wednesday 2 March 2016



08:15   Registration and morning refreshments

09:00   Chairperson’s opening remarks



  1. Greg Harvey, Managing Director and Chief Executive, Interflour Holdings Ltd



09:15  Global grains and oilseeds outlook: analysing the key drivers underpinning the markets

Highlights and conclusions for the current year and observations for the 2015/2016 season


  • Production update - analysing the production environment of key grains and oilseeds regions
  • Supply cushions, crush capacities and consumption rates - does demand match supply?
  • Have we reached a low point for grain prices following the end of the commodity supercycle?
  • Are we in a transitional period in grains and oilseeds markets?
  1. Emily French, Managing Director, ConsiliAgra

10:15   Regional economic overview: assessing the impact of the global and regional macroeconomic factors on the grains and oilseeds market


  • How does the price of the US Dollar impact the fundamentals of commodity markets globally?
  • Assessing the impact of China’s economic slowdown on other economies in the region
  • Currency devaluations - is another Asian crisis looming?
  • Geopolitics and the Asian grain markets - how will the TPP, ASEAN integration and other geopolitical factors affect trade flows?



10:45   Morning refreshments and networking break
11:30   Origin markets focus: the fight for the Asian market

This session will feature individual presentations highlighting quality, price and volume statistics for Asia’s key grains and oilseeds origins followed by a panel discussion regarding the changing competitive position of these regions.



  • Australia: does Australia’s quality and proximity still give it a competitive edge?
  • North America: what is North America growing and is it what Asian end-users need?
  • South America: will Asian end-users become more ever more reliant on South American soy?
  • Black Sea: will the Black Sea continue to capture market share as prices and freight rates fall and quality stabilises?
  1. Moderator:    Emily French, Managing Director, ConsiliAgra
  2. Kevin Roepke, Regional Director, South and Southeast Asia, U.S. Grains Council
  3. Natalie Maguire, Regional Marketing Manager - South Asia, CBH Group
  4. Oksana Starina, Trader, Leader Trading Commodities LLC
  5. Viktor Korobko, Director, Veles Agro
  6. Dr Larisa Cato, Wheat Quality & Technical Markets Manager, AEGIC
  7. Adolfo Jiminez-Castellanos, Product Line Manager - GOSC Asia, Cargill
  8. Ezequiel Hajnal, Director, Agrosud SA

13:00   Networking lunch

14:15   China soybean meal demand review and hot topics for the year ahead

  • Review of Chinese protein demand in 2014/2015
  • Outlook for grains/protein demand in 2016
  • Soybean meal and corn market trends
  • Fundamentals: profiling the macroeconomic environment in China
  1. Wang Lin, Managing Director, COFCO Futures

14:45   Analysing the procurement strategies of Asia Pacific end-users of grains and oilseeds

  • What are the quality and price requirements for Asia Pacific millers?
  • How does Black Sea wheat fit into the Asia-Pacific millers’ mix?  What are the constraints?
  • Buying spot vs forward - which strategies are winning?
  • How will feed and flour millers react to an upturn in commodity prices?
  • How are currency fluctuations affecting procurement strategies in the region?
  • Are margins large enough to absorb currency fluctuations?
  • How do procurement specialists overcome the challenges associated with increasing supply-side competition?
  1. Moderator:    Dr Neoh Soon Bin, Managing Director, Soon Soon Group
  2. Winston Hsu, Director, PT. Satwa Boga Sempurna
  3. Dao Manh Luong, CEO, Austfeed Vietnam Corporation
  4. Greg Harvey, Managing Director and Chief Executive, Interflour Holdings Ltd
  5. Arif Widjaja, Senior VP, Head of Trading Division, PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia

15:30   Afternoon refreshments and networking break

16:15   An overview of the expanding Indonesian wheat flour industry: how large can it grow?

  • Putting the Indonesian flour industry in perspective - imports, capacity, consumption and exports
  • Has Indonesian domestic flour demand stabilised or will we continue to see changing diets increase demand?
  • How has Indonesia become a value-adding hub through the re-exportation of flour?
  1. Franciscus Welirang, Chief Executive Officer, PT Bogasari Flour Mills and Chairman, Indonesian Wheat Flour Mills Association

16:45   Changing patterns in Asia’s feed grains and protein meal demand: are alternatives to soybean meal a reality?


  • Profiling Asian livestock production and  an update on changes in the livestock sector
  • Assessing the supply and quality of feed grains and protein meals to Asia
  • How the protein mix is changing - what new competitive feed and meal sources are available?
  1. Dr. Neoh Soon Bin, Managing Director, Soon Soon Group




17:15   End of day two and networking drinks reception




Day Three: Wednesday 3 March 2016


08:30   Registration and morning refreshments

09:00   Chairperson's opening remarks


  1. Charles Carey, Board Member, CME Group and Board Member, BM&FBOVESPA

09:10 Spot pricing in the Asia-Pacific seaborne wheat market



  • Australian spot price update, underlying trends and selected market metrics
  • What is a robust spot price assessment and how can it be used?
  • Exploring the potential for cash-settled regional wheat futures
  • Market evolution: How does wheat compare with other major commodity markets?


  1. Julien Hall, Senior Managing Editor Agriculture - Asia, Platts

09:30   Traders’ panel: assessing the opportunities and concerns of traders in the region


  • New markets and changing demand - how are traders set up to capitalise on opportunities in the region?
  • How do both consolidation and new entrants affect trading in the region?
  • Adapting to compete in a low-price market


  1. Moderator:    Joel Lou, Global Managing Director, Agriculture, Allegro Development
  2. Luke Mason, Head of Grains, Asia, Concordia Agri Trading Pte Ltd
  3. Brett Donoghue, Director, Agracom Pty Ltd
  4. Adam Wilkinson, Grain Trader, VITOL
  5. Tom Guthrie, Trading Manager, Asia Wheat, Noble Agri
  6. Robin Ong, Manager - Grains Trade, ADM Asia Pacific

10:30   How can suppliers and consumers work together on establishing sustainability in supply chains?


  • The growing importance of sustainability in food supply chains - is sustainability the new quality?
  • How can retailers and manufacturers engage their full supply chain in successfully sourcing sustainable grains and oilseeds?
  • The importance of long term partnerships to maintain sustainability goals
  1. Mark Torrens, Commodities & Risk Manager, Mars Petcare

11:00   Morning refreshments and networking break

11:30   Weather trends and the global grain markets: is La Niña on the horizon?

  • What was the real impact of the historically strong El Niño? Did it play out as expected and what were the effects on the grain markets?
  • Is a transition to La Niña likely to occur and what impact could it have on global crop yields and production?
  • Early expectations for the upcoming Northern Hemisphere growing season
  1. Kyle Tapley, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist, Weather Services, MDA Information Systems LLC


12:00   Following developments in India and Bangladesh: what progress has been made in these markets?


  • Update on current levels of wheat and soy exported to other Asian countries
  • What do India’s domestic policies look like and how will these affect grain exports?
  • Assessing the price and quality of Indian and Bangladeshi origin grains and the appetite of Asia-Pacific end users for them
  • How can traders find value in Indian and Bangladeshi grain?


  1. Sumit Gupta, Business Manager, Gargaon, India, McDonald Pelz

12:30   Assessing the consolidation of assets in Australia: what are the implications for the market?


  • How have recent consolidations worked out?
  • What are the implications on the supply chain and the farm gate prices?
  • What new asset allocations could be on the horizon and how could these affect the markets?


  1. Geoff Barker, Principal, Berkstock Pty Ltd

13:00   Close of conference followed by brunch sponsored by Asia Pacific Grain Traders

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