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Agenda Overview

Day One: Tuesday 15th September 2015

6.00pm – 8.00pm Evening welcome cocktail reception


Day Two: Wednesday: 16th September 2015

8.15am Registration and morning refreshments



9.00am Chairman’s opening remarks
  1. Alexandre Fontoura, Agricultural Director, SGS Brazil


9.15am Regional economic overview: Assessing the impact of the global and regional macro-economy on the grains and oilseeds market


  • The regional economy in a global context: How is South America performing?
  • Currencies: Devaluation and falling prices
  • How are global crises such as the slump in crude prices and conflict in the Middle East affecting economies in South America?
  1. Christopher Gadd, Head of Agriculture Desk Analytics, Macquarie


10.00am Identifying domestic production area and crushing capacity for soy in Brazil
  • Who are the large farmers and cooperatives and where are they based?
  • Understanding current crushing capacity for soy and future demand
  • How much additionally land is available for planting and what are the yield projections?
  1. Moderator: Kieran Gartlan, Senior Director, Head of Brazil Office, CME
  2. Daniel Furlan Amaral, Chief Economist, ABIOVE
  3. Lucilio Rogerio Aparecido Alves, Chief Researcher, CEPEA
  4. Flávio Roberto de França Junior, Consultant in Agribusiness, França Junior Consulting
  5. Brandon Crozier, Chief Executive Officer, Nidera Brazil


11.30am The Argentinian grain mix
  • Addressing the Argentinian political landscape: How will agricultural policies post elections affect the grain markets?
  • What is the planted area for soy, corn and wheat and how are external forces changing farmers’ crop choices?
  • The beginning of the end for using storage as a hedging strategy: How much is stored, how long can it remain in silo bags and what will happen when the storage bubble bursts?
  1. Juan Carlos Rienzi, Commodities Broker, Mercoplate SA


12.15pm Understanding the expectations and challenges for Paraguay reach their export potential for grains
  • With favourable conditions and projected increases in acreage, what can be expected for soy, corn and wheat production?
  • Logistics, storage capacity and government intervention: What are the main challenges to grain exports?
  • Following successful investments by international companies, how much investment is still needed to realize Paraguay's export potential?
  1. Raul Valdez Florentin, General Manager, UNEXPA Ltda.


1.00pm Networking lunch


2.15pm South American corn production and consumption in a global context
  • Analysing South American corn production in a global context
  • Is global demand sufficient for Brazil’s expected bumper safrinha crop?
  • The role of free trade agreements in giving the U.S. a foothold in South American corn
  • New markets for South American corn: Africa and Middle East
  1. Mac Marshall, Economist, Monsanto

2.45pm Developing Brazilian infrastructure to unblock bottlenecks and increase exports
  • How do new ports in the Amazon area and the south affect the movement of grain through Brazil? How much soy will move North and at what cost?
  • Will we continue to see a move from road to fluvial transportation of grains?
  • Finding solutions to rail bottlenecks in order to increase productivity
  • What are the government’s new plans for concessions and storage capacity?
  1. Jorge Bastos, General Director, ANTT
  2. Fernando José de Padua Costa Fonseca, Director, ANTAQ
  3. Prof. José Vicente Caixeta Filho, Director, ESALQ


3.30pm Afternoon refreshments and networking break





4.15pm Europe
  • Understanding European demand for South American grains: Soy, wheat and corn
  • The growing importance of both sustainable and non-GMO soy for European retailers: What certification requirements are needed for South American products?
  • Containers vs bulk: Is there a shift towards containers for traceability and to avoid delays?
5.00pm Asia
  • Analysing Chinese crushing capacity, supply stocks and demand for soybeans
  • Joint ventures and acquisitions as an origination strategy for South American soy: Is China bypassing international commodity markets in order to guarantee stable supply?
  • How does Chinese and South-East Asian economic growth impact South American exports? Are worsening processing margins showing any sign of improving?
  1. Lin Tan, Executive President, Hopefull Investment and Holding


5.45pm Chairman’s closing remarks followed by cocktail reception


Day Three: Wednesday: 17th September 2015

08.30am Morning refreshments


09.00am Chairman’s opening remarks


09.15am Global and regional weather trends outlook: How are weather patterns affecting global and regional supply?


  • El Niño: Where do we stand?
  • Understanding how El Niño has affected South American and global growing seasons historically. What can we expect from this season as a result?
  • Looking forward: How will weather conditions and cycles play out in the next 10 years?
  1. Kyle Tapley, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist, Weather Services, MDA Information Systems LLC


10.00am Focus on the role of cooperatives in the Brazilian market
  • Understanding the true scale and scope of cooperatives in Brazil
  • What is the importance of cooperatives in the expansion of Brazilian agricultural production?
  • How do cooperatives work together to secure better input prices and better prices for their crops?
  1. Moderator: Aldo Francisco Carneiro Lobo, Analyst, Granopar Corretora de Mercadorias 
  2. Ubirata Wendler, Grain Trading Manager, Cooperativa Agrária
  3. Valentim Squisatti, Grain Trading Manager, Cooperativa C-Vale
  4. Gilson Martins, Technical and Economic Advisor, OCEPAR
  5. Vandeir Jose Dick Conrad, Grain Trader, Cooperativa Agroindutrial Lar


10.45am Barter systems as a risk and supply chain management tool
  • How do South American farmers use anticipated contracts to hedge their price risk and guarantee inputs?
  • What are the benefits for input providers and traders?
  • What are the legal ramifications of international players entering the traditionally domestic barter system?
  1. Cesar Vieira Jr., Bartering Manager, Dow AgroSciences Industrial Ltda.


11.15am Morning refreshments and networking break


11.45am Containers vs bulk: a choice not a compromise
  • As containerized movement of grain grows due to global trade flows, is the trend expected to continue?
  • Understanding the benefits of containerized shipping: Reliability, cash flow management and less waste
  • Are the right logistics and facilities in place to expand the containerization of grain in the region?
  1. Fred Humberg, Managing Director, Gavilon

12.30pm Outlining the growth of sustainable Soy production in South America
  • Trends in sustainable soy demand globally and opportunities in the market
  • Where is sustainable soy being produced and by who? Can South America cope with production and crushing demand?
  • Understanding certification for sustainable soy
  1. Bernardo Pires, Sustainability Manager, ABIOVE- Brazilian Oilseed Processors Association

1.15pm Chairman’s closing remarks followed by lunch and close of conference


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