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Convince the boss

4 Tips for justifying your attendance at Global Grain Geneva 2015

We know Global Grain Geneva 2015 is a great investment. The knowledge sharing and networking opportunities alone make it worth every penny.

To be fair, we understand why your boss may balk at the cost of sending you to industry events. After all, he or she is only looking at the bottom line. Making the decision to send members of a team on a trip, even if it’s a trip to the best grain industry gathering around, takes significant thought.

If you want to discuss with the powers that be about covering the cost of a trip to Global Grain Geneva 2015, some of these tips may help:

1. Just ask!

Be truthful about the cost, your time spent away from the office, and how your work will be handled in your absence. Honesty is always the best policy, so don’t act naive about money or time. Most managers understand that there are times when it’s necessary to make an investment on behalf of the company. If you can show that this is a worthy cause for both you and your company, you have a good chance of attending. If money does become an issue there are some things you can do to cut costs. For example you can take advantage of the early bird discount.

2. Explain the benefits to the company

Let’s not assume they’re sending you just because you want to go. They’re sending you because they want you to learn because they expect you to provide value to the company as a whole, and not just help you with your career. (Though that’s important too.) How will the sessions you attend help you to do your job better so that it’s better for the business as a whole? Do the people you network with have the potential to become clients, collaborators, colleagues, and allies? These are important details to mention.

3. Explain the benefits to you

What will you get out of Global Grain Geneva 2015? Discuss the ways you personally will benefit from attending. Pay particular attention to the sessions, speakers, attendees and networking opportunities. Talk about the speakers and sessions that you hope to attend, and make sure to mention that the people you network with at Global Grain Geneva 2015 will become important connections.

4. Offer to share

Explain that you’re there to represent your company. Everything you learn you will be sharing with the team. In fact, you can encourage your attendance to be a collaborative experience. What does your team most want to learn about? Who do they want you to set up meetings with? What sessions benefit you all as a team? Come back with notes and offer to make a presentation to the team upon your return.

If you feel that Global Grain Geneva 2015 is a worthy investment for your company, don’t be afraid to ask. If you are honest about your reasons for wanting to attend and the cost involved, and you explain all the benefits of the brand, they’d be hard pressed to say no.

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