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Agenda Overview

See who spoke and the topic highlights from the 1st Annual Global Grain South America 2014:


6:00pm Registration & refreshments


8:00am Registration & morning refreshments

9:00am Chairperson's opening remarks

  1. Paul Harrison, Vice President, SGS Group

9:10am Macro overview of the factors driving global grain markets

  • What impact can be expected long term from the increasing consumption globally of animal proteins?
  • Biofuels and what they mean for crop demand
  • Crop prices: What will farmers be incentived to plant?
  • South America: What to expect from the region
  1. Christopher Gadd, Grains Analyst, Macquarie Securities

9:40am Asia: Trade strategies to ensure food security and strengthen links with origination countries

  • Measuring consumption levels and supply stocks in China
  • Currently crushing capacity and planned investment in the region
  • Analyzing Asian strategies and investment plans to achieve origination capabilities in South America and guarantee a complete supply chain
  • Recent strategic acquisitions and joint ventures: Is this trend we will continue to see and how will it impact trade?
  • Increasing efficiency between origination and importing countries: What would Asian consumers like to see from origination country partners, including the large trading houses, local traders and cooperatives? How are these relationships developing?
  1. Brandon Scott Crozier, Chief Executive Officer, Nidera Brazil
  2. Lin Tan, Executive President, Hopefull Investment and Holding
  3. Paulo Fachin, President, Agrex do Brasil

10:40am Morning refreshments & networking break

11:20am Brazil's production potential: Challenges and opportunities for grain production across the country

  • Production potential statistics: What are the most suitable crops and what will be the impact of climate change in the near future?
  • The Northern region: What is the real potential for production and what developments need to be completed?
  • Seed technology and fertilizer developments making the region a viable source of production expansion
  • Legal complexities associated with northern development in Brazil
  • What the main challenges for foreign companies investing in Brazil?
  • Export Processing Zones
  1. Moderator: Kieran Gartlan, Senior Director, Head of Brazil, CME Group
  1. Seneri Paludo, Deputy Chief for Agricultural Policy, MAPA
  2. Anderson Galvao, Chief Executive Officer, Celeres Senior Representative, CNA
  3. Miguel Biegai Jr, Derivatives Strategist, Granopar Commodities
  4. Alexandre Camara Bernardes, Technical Advisor to the National Commission on Grains, Fiber and Oilseed at the Brazilian Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock, CNA
  5. Gustavo Fontenele, Executive-Secretary, Brazilian National Council of Export Processing Zones (CZPE), Executive Secretariat, Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC)

12:10pm Argentina: Looking beyond the political and economic challenges

  • When will Argentina be able to trade agricultural products based on free market assumptions?
  • Currency challenges
  • What is the potential for agricultural export growth considering the available crushing and port capacity in Argentina?
  • Export restrictions: How have restrictions affected global trade flows and what would a reduction in restrictions mean for Argentine exporters?
  • Fiscal regulation and farmers' changing choice of crops: What will happen to corn and wheat?
  • Assessing the level of storage capacity needed in Argentina.  To what degree can bags act as a temporary solution to capacity shortage?
  1. Moderator: Lennart Andersen, Oilseeds and Proteins, INTL FCStone S.A.,
  2. Ramiro Costa, Chief Economist, Buenos Aires Grains Exchange
  3. Freddy Pranteda, Director, Grains and Oilseed Desk, Cosur S.A.
  4. Maria Marta Rebizo, Manager of Economic and Business Affairs, CIARA-CEC

1:00pm Networking lunch

2:25pm Afternoon chairperson remarks

  1. Alexandre Fontoura, Director, SGS Group
2:30pm Financing panel: What instruments for financing are available to support the agri sector?
  • What limitations do banks, local and international, face when financing agricultural producers in South America? How can these be overcome?
  • Alternative sources of funding, (such as CRAs), to support the agribusiness sector: Review of recent successes
  • Seeding pools: What role can they play in funding commercial crops?
  • Risk transfer solutions
  1. Moderator: Juliano Lazzarini Moretti, Director, Lazzarini Moretti e Moraes Advogados
  2. Oswaldo Junqueira Franco, Head of Trade & Commodity Finance,  Banco Rabobank International Brasil S.A .
  3. William Trosman, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Octante 
  4. Carla Manso, Transaction Banking Sales Director, Standard Chartered Bank

3:10pm Wheat panel: Can regional providers meet the growing Brazilian demand for wheat?

  • Overview of the global wheat market and international factors impacting supply and prices
  • Understanding Brazilian demand and where supply will come from
  • Argentina's wheat production and export levels: Will farmers return to wheat?
  • What will be the impact on wheat trade flows around and into South America?
  • North American HRW and SRW: What do Brazilian importers want in terms of quality?
  1. Moderator: James Dunsterville, Chairman, Agflow
  2. Luiz Carlos Pacheco, Grain Market Analyst, AGRILOG, Lajeado-RS and Editor of Daily Trigo & Farinhas
  3. Elizaveta Malyshko, Grain Market Expert, UkrAgroConsult 
  4. Leandro Pierbattisti, Business Consultant, Federation of Country Elevators

3:50pm Afternoon refreshments & Networking break

4:30pm Fertilizers and agrochemicals: How are and will they be used in the region and internationally?
  • Global trends for farm input use: Will sectors will take a bigger part of the pie going forward?
  • How are farm inputs used in South America and how what is their role in expanding production?
  1. Dirk Jan Kennes, Global Strategist Farm Inputs, Rabobank

5:00pm Corn: Supply and Demand in the Next Decade

  • What are the core demand drivers and where will demand come from?
  • The changing nature of how supply meets demand in the past decade vs. the next decade
  • Why innovation is critical for meeting needed yield gains
  • The role of Brazil in the future of global corn trade
  1. Mac Marshall, Economist, Monsanto

5:30pm Paraguay: The 4th world soybean supplier

  • With acreage to expand production, a Government open to investment and a functional fluvial transport system, what can be expected from Paraguay in terms of soy production?
  • Recently developed projects and available opportunities in the north
  • How open is the Goverment to investment? What risks should investors be aware of?
  • What are the key challenges to Paraguayan exports? (trade restrictions with China, silo capacity, transport  etc)
  1. Raul Valdez Florentin, Gerente Manager, UNEXPA Ltda .

6:00pm Chairperson's closing remarks followed by networking cocktail reception


9.00am Chairperson's opening remarks

  1. James Dunsterville, Chairman, Agflow

9:10am Managing unpredictable Mother Nature: Climate trends and the tools available to mitigate weather related risk

  • Meterological outlook and the visible effects of climate change:
    • Upcoming weather trends globally and across South America
    • Potential impact of such occurences on various crops 
  1. Kyle Tapley, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist, MDA Weather Services
  • Risk mitigation tools available to manage the risks associated with weather occurrences
  1. David Beaty Somlo, Head of Origination, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Brasil Seguros S.A

9:50am Logistics in Brazil: Bottlenecks and potential for development

  • Identifying top priority projects and solutions across modes of transport: Rail, road, fluvial and ports
  • Where is the financing coming from and who will be involved in operations?
  • How will this impact production and exports?
  • Strategies of international investors to sure up the supply chain
  1. Moderatior: Fausto Caron, Director, Head of Commodities Brazil, ABN AMRO
  2. Alexandre Porto, Superintendent of Regulation, ANTT
  3. Fred Humberg, Managing Director, Gavilon
  4. Daniel Furlan Amaral, Chief Economist, ABIOVE
  5. Carlos Eduardo Tavares, Superintendant of Logistical Operations, CONAB
  6. Bruno Pinheiro, Finance Superintendent, ANTAQ

10:45am Morning refreshments & networking break

11:15am Non GMO soy production in Argentina of high value speciality

  • Trends in non-GMO soy demand globally and opportunities in the market
  • Importance of vertical integration from genetics
  • Global market dynamic for non-GMO products
  1. Alejandro Bartolome, Director, Kumagro

11:45am The soy complex

  1. Lonn Taffel, ABN Amro/ The Matthews Group
12:45pm Chairperson's closing remarks followed by lunch & close of conference



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