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Global Grain Awards

Read our tips on submitting a winning entry for the inaugural awards ceremony.

With the launch of the Global Grain Awards, to be held alongside the Global Grain Geneva conference, we’ll be rewarding and recognising the most successful companies and individuals in the grains and oilseeds industry.
However, for that talent to shine through, you need to submit the most compelling entry. Below are our tips for putting together a winning awards entry...

Use clear, easy to understand language

A former colleague of mine once had to judge an awards scheme for the fintech sector. By his own admission - after reading “thousands upon thousands” of words in the ‘about us’ section of the entries he just had to phone some of them up and ask them what they did.
Whilst we have no doubt that your organisation is disrupting the value chain and providing innovative solutions to an increasing number of market challenges – if you do X then please say you do X.
For the record- my role within Global Grain means I am driving the content agenda and securing a platform for dynamic thought leadership, genuine innovative usecases and grizzled war stories from the boardroom, all the while facilitating high level networking opportunities. I make conferences.

Respond to the criteria

This is the most crucial factor in deciding which entry is most worthy of an award. The judges will be assessing each entry solely on the criteria that has been outlined for each category and so the winning entry will be the one that directly addresses the points highlighted.
Please do not shy away from being blunt. If you truly believe – know – that you have performed the best against a stated benchmark in the category criteria then just say it. Even better if you can empirically or quantifiably prove it against your competitors. Which brings me to my next point...

Back it up with facts and numbers

What better way to definitively demonstrate your success and prove your achievements than with indisputable statistics. Unarguable facts and numbers will perfectly and succinctly demonstrate your success and back up your claim to be the best, allowing you further space to expand on the extra ways in which you have added value, cementing your case around your core claim.
If the category(s) you hope to win is based around corporate growth or financial success then please do outline how far you have overachieved the stated targets. If you can benchmark this growth against previous years, competitors, or both then even better. Number and facts are a lot harder to disprove than subjective claims and will go far to support your entry.

Explain your organisation and your aims

Finally, whilst you deal with these subjects day-to-day, please do remember that our judges have been selected to cover a broad range of expertise. A number will specialise in the same aspect of the industry as you, however not all of them deal with the same intricacies of your industry on a day-to-day basis.
As such please do take the time to explain the purpose and aims of your organisation, department and individuals in relation to the categories.

The best entries will rise to the top

The entries that have clearly and concisely stated their undeniable successes against the criteria of each category will win at the Awards.
Those who win will be able to undeniably prove they are the best performer in their field. Being able to showcase your successes could prove the difference between getting your foot in the door or closing a deal, as well as proving your individual capability and rewarding your team for another great year.

Please note that the entry submission deadline is 15 September. For more information and to apply click here.

Good luck to everyone involved!

Mike Jeapes
Portfolio Director
Global Grain Events
Global Grain Awards

This content is provided by Global Grain Events for informational purposes only, and it reflects the market and industry conditions and presenter’s opinions and affiliations available at the time of the presentation.

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