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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Wednesday, September 11, 2019

8:00AM Welcome Breakfast, Registration and Coffee
9:00AM Welcome Remarks & Chairman's Welcome
Rodrigo Alexandre Gomes de Oliveira, Chief Trading Officer, Bourbon Brown Trade Management
9:15AM International outlook: Wheat, corn, soy and hogs
  • Global supply and demand data for the 2019/2020 campaign
  • A look forward at the 2020/2021 campaigns – planting and acreage
  • Key data on global flour exports to the main import regions
  • Future feef and hog sales in the age of vegetarianism and veganism
  • Combined impact upon South American and global production
David Hightower, President, The Hightower Report
10:00AM A view from the top: The changing role of the trader
  • Can the trend towards reduced margins be reversed or do we operate within a new dynamic?
  • Making long term commitments when there is a lack of security in your investment
  • How the trading community is ensuring the sustainability message is passed to the consumer
  • How traders are looking to add value to their export product
  • Whether squeezed margins will lead to increased investments and M&A
  • Trading with the more informed farmer: In the age of social media has the trader lost their competitive advantage?
11:00AM Networking Coffee Break
11:30AM Exploring the future political outlook
  • An update on the progress of the US elections and Brexit
  • How changes in the MENA region is shaping demand
  • The Bolsonaro Government: What impact has it had one year on?
  • An update on the Argentinian elections after the primaries
Mauricio Moura, CEO & Founder, Ideia Big Data
12:00PM Impact of South American geopolitics upon exports
  • The continued repercussions on South America from the US-China trade war
  • What impact has the pro-business Bolsonaro government had on agribusiness in Brazil?
    • How Bolsonaro’s policies will impact other South American countries
  • How the Argentinian elections will affect grain and oilseed exports
  • Whether Brazilian tax legislation will encourage increased Chinese soy meal imports
  • Assessing the Brazilian Wheat Quota against a background of WTO governance and Mercosur
Marcelo Fernandes Guimarães, Brazil Representative, Department of Credit and Economic Studies Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply of Brazil, Brazilian Representative to AMIS
Jesus Silveyra, Under-Secretary of Agricultural Markets, Ministry of Agroindustry, Argentina
Daniel Furlan Amaral, Chief Economist, Abiove
1:00PM Networking Lunch Break
2:15PM Weather Outlook for the Next Growing Season
  • Updates on the forthcoming growing season including the next El Nino/La Nina
  • Global tour of the other major growing areas
Kyle Tapley, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist, Maxar
2:45PM How can producers ensure that they receive a fair price for their crop?
  • Ensuring producers gain a substantial return in a period of squeezed margins
  • Exploring whether farmers are taking advantage of free available data on social media
  • Negotiating prices whilst removing reliance on trader support
    • Take or pay contracts and fertilizer barter agreements
  • How cattle herders and grains farmers are ensuring the security of their land ownership
  • How much pasture land can be converted to crop land?
    • What is the potential to actually expand soy bean acreage?
  • How farmers can continue to ensure high quality production
Moderator: Rodrigo Alexandre Gomes de Oliveira, Chief Trading Officer, Bourbon Brown Trade Management
Dimas Poltronieri, Director Commercial, Grupo Poltronieri
Fred Humberg, CEO, Agribrasil
3:30PM Networking Coffee Break
4:00PM How Asian demand will affect South American production
  • Assessing the long term soy bean demand from China
  • Measures to ensure South American wheat remains competitive against the Black Sea
  • Will Vietnamese corn imports continue to grow?
  • How long term changes in Asian population and eating dynamics will impact production
Kevin Tang, Director, CCIBC
4:30PM How the South American market will evolve
  • The steps that need to be taken to make the circular economy a reality
  • Whether we will witness increased exports of value added products to Asia
    • Competing with crushing and manufacturing margins
  • The impact of African Swine Flu on short and long term export of soy beans
  • FOB price discounts means that high-protein beans from Brazil are being sold for the same price as low protein beans from other originations.
  • What Brazil can do to curb the trend of FOB discounts eroding high-protein bean pricing
  • The long term impact of vegetarianism and veganism on trade and the supply chain
  • Exploring the rise of ‘alternative proteins’ on the South America grain and meat industry
Moderator: Marcos Jank, Ceo, Asia-Brazil Agro Alliance (ABBA)
Fabricio Rosa, CEO, Aprosoja
José Carlos Vannini, Managing Partner, MB Agro
5:30PM Networking Cocktail Reception
7:30PM Invitation Only CEO Dinner

Day 2: Thursday, September 12, 2019

8:00AM Networking Breakfast and Coffee
9:00AM Managing FX and currency fluctuations
  • The outlook for the Brazilian real
  • Data outlooks on global economies and trade statistics
Marcos Araujo, Analyst, Agrinvest Commodities
9:30AM Long term economic outlook for South America
  • Are we looking at it a global economic crisis in 2020/2021?
  • The long term impact of transfer pricing changes on the Brazilian economy
  • Ongoing fallout from economic regulations and stimulus measures
10:00AM Hedging freight rate risks
  • Exploring the major drivers of freight rates in the near, medium and long terms
  • How advanced analytics are transforming dry bulk freight rates forecasts
  • Impacts of the IMO 2020 emissions regulations
Karl Palsgaard, Consultant, IHS Markit
10:30AM Networking Coffee Break
11:00AM South American transport infrastructure: Overcoming rail, trucking and shipping challenges
  • Infrastructure improvements required in the Northern Arc to facilitate increasing acreage
  • Will trucks become obsolete for transporting grain from the field to the terminal?
  • How the new Brazilian Fero Grao will impact global trade flows
    • The consequences for export ports within Brazil
  • Exploring the challenges with the privatisation of the rail and roads
  • The likelihood of an easing of freight costs
Rene Silva, Chief Operating Officer, HSBA
José Vicente Caixeta Filho, General Coordinator, ESALQ-LOG
11:45AM Making digitalisation of exports a practical reality
  • The extent that big data and digitisation will trigger the recovery of margins
  • Whether digitisation and digital recording of cargos will see a drop in arbitrations
  • Which will come first; standardisation of paperwork and port processes, or digitisation?
  • Whether more seasoned traders are willing to adopt more modern and technical strategies
Alejandro Pernías, International Trade Expert, President & CEO, GlobalShare
12:15PM The potential for South American ethanol exports
  • Exploring opportunities for green and sustainable project finance
  • The readiness with which the major lenders will provide project finance to develop the bio-economy
  • Assessing the domestic demand and use of corn within South America
Rodrigo Lima, Director General, Agroicone
Marcelo Vieira, Chair, Conselho Superier da Sociedade Rural Brasileira
Artur Yabe Milanez, Biofuels Department, Sectorial Manager, BNDES, Brazilian Development Bank
1:00PM South American Traders Club Sponsored Lunch
2:15PM Close of Conference

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