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Agenda Overview

Pre-Event Day: Monday, April 29, 2019

5:30PM Registration and Networking Drinks Reception

Day 1: Tuesday, April 30, 2019

8:00AM Networking Breakfast & Coffee
9:00AM Welcome Remarks
9:15AM Keynote Address: International Outlook and Fundamentals:
  • Analysing the carry estimates for the 2019/2020 Campaign
  • Analysing the planting estimates for the 2019/2020 Campaign
  • An outlook on the fundamentals for production and consumption for the 2019/20 campaign
10:00AM Panel Discussion: A View From the Top: The changing role of the Trader in the Region
  • Trading geopolitics: How can you trade smart in this era of uncertainty?
  • How are regional and international policies shaping trade flows?
  • With difficult to achieve profitability margins, how do traders work to ensure operational efficiency?
  • Is 1% profitability sustainable? What is the best way to survive?
  • M&A in the trading industry and the milling industry: is integration a positive for all market players?
  • Transformation: is this the inflection point of the market?
  • As the grain and oilseeds markets are maturing and the industry is evolving in order to respond to difficult trading years. How are the traders able to adapt in order to survive?
Simon Cherniavsky, CEO, Mriya Agro Holding
11:00AM Networking Coffee Break
11:30AM Presentation: Macroeconomic Outlook
  • A look at current status of global economy: Continued decline or is there a change of pace coming?
  • Analysing FX fluctuations: the ruble, the reis and the dollar
  • What are the trends and the prospects for the global economy over the next two years?
  • How has the drop in oil price has impacted economies in the MENA region?
Marc Ostwald, Global; Strategist & Chief Economist, ADM Investor Services
12:00PM Panel Discussion: Food Security in the Region: What are the key challenges for the future?

This panel discussion hosted in conjunction with the Food Security Alliance of Abu Dhabi

  • With an increasing middle class and meat consumption:
    • Will the investment by flour and feed millers be good enough to keep up with the demand?
    • Will the importation of barley as a direct feed decrease to the increase of material for animal feed production?
  • Private and public partnerships: How can the public and private sector work together to ensure a stable food supply?
  • How does stringent labelling issues elsewhere impact supply in the region?

Senior representative, Emirates Food Industries

Senior representative, Emirates Future

Senior representative, Agithia Group

Senior representative, Al Dahra

1:00PM Networking Lunch Break
2:15PM Presentation: Weather Outlook: The growing season in North America, Europe and Black Sea
  • Reviewing the 2018-19 El Niño so far and what to expect in the coming months
  • Are we looking at another 'long hot summer'?
2:45PM Panel Discussion: Turning from Asia to Africa: The Rise of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Opportunities across sub-Saharan Africa: the rise of patisseries and the need for high protein wheat
  • Overcoming barriers to entry when looking to grow in sub-Saharan Africa
  • The role of local content when working in Africa: what you need to know and what you can do to ensure it is implemented effectively
3:30PM Networking Coffee Break
4:00PM Presentation: The Outlook for the Black Sea Production Campaign 2019/20
  • An update on the Black Sea’s region wheat production (including EU, Ukraine, Russia)
  • Will the region, especially Russia, be able to sustain or increase production subject weather happenings
  • How will the Russian and Ukraine governments handle any decrease in production due to weather (export restrictions)?
Dmitri Rylko, General Director, IKAR
4:30PM The Fall of the Europeans (excluding Black Sea) on the Export Stage: Will Europe be left in Limbo?
  • After last year’s long hot summer, can prices bounce back?
  • Where can the European exporters not from the Black Sea look to export?
  • With rising export prices of Russian wheat. Is the Russian domination set to continue?
  • With Algeria looking further afield, can France return to be a main exporter to the region?
Moderator: Dmitri Rylko, General Director, IKAR
Okan Ozan Ozturk, Managing Director, Agrozan Commodities DMCC
Andree Defois, President/Chief Analyst, Strategie Grains / Tallage SAS
5:30PM Networking Drinks Reception

Day 2: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

8:30AM Networking Breakfast and Coffee
9:30AM Government Keynote Address

Senior Representative, Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development Water and Forests, Kingdom of Morocco

10:00AM Panel Discussion: Government Buyers Panel Discussion

This panel discussion is held in conjunction with Mediterranean Agricultural Market Information Network

  • Private and public partnership: What are government bodies doing to work with key stakeholders in the market?
  • What lessons can be learnt from successful private and public partnerships in other regions?

Confirmed Speakers:

Senior Representative, Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests, Kingdom of Morocco

Secretariat, MED-Amin


11:00AM Networking Coffee Break
11:30AM Presentation: The Outlook for Oilseeds
  • Outlook for sunflower seeds from Ukraine
  • Soybeans against the backdrop of the US-China trade war:
    • How long can prices sustain this high?
    • How long will it take for them to fall if an agreement is made?
12:00PM Panel Discussion: The View from the End Users: How long can the capacity expansion continue?
  • Can Egypt sustain the continued growth of imports? Does it have enough capacity?
  • Iranian imports: will they be able to recover from the sanctions?
  • A look at changing consumption patterns and their impact on procurement strategies
  • Blending and quality control: how do you establish and measure the quality against procurement?
  • An evaluation of the Middle East domestic milling capacity and a comparison with the Turkish capacity: will it ever get to the same heights?
  • Crushing margins: will they ever rise?
Moderator: Gregory Souris, Managing Partner / Broker, Actava Trading DMCC
Edward Hamod, Coo, Emirates Food Industries
1:00PM MENA Traders Club Sponsored Lunch
2:15PM Presentation: Freight costs: Shipping & Logistics: Maintaining a healthy margin
  • Outlook for the next 6-12 months for the freight market
  • How do you see Shipbroking evolving? Will highly specialized niche brokers be the only ones surviving? Is the only way forward to reassess the shipbrokers role?
  • An update on the 20/20 Sulphur regulations
  • The impact of fuel regulations on freight rates: How will the new emission regulations in shipping (Jan 2020) affect the grain trade flow?
2:45PM Panel Discussion: Investing in Infrastructure: Terminals, Standards and Quality Control
  • Can terminals cope with the projected increased import levels?
  • What investment is going in to terminals and ports to make them more efficient?
  • Lesson sharing on the standardisation of controls at ports and terminals
  • The impact of growing international investment in the region and PPPs
Peter Heston, Coo And Trade, Black Sea Commodities
3:30PM Networking Coffee Break
4:00PM The Outlook for India: A move away from sugar? A future of importing corn?
  • How are changing dietary trends impacting changing trade focuses?
  • The outlook for corn in India: the next big consumer?
  • Can India become then next big importer of Black Sea wheat?
4:30PM Panel Discussion: Derivatives, Risk Management and the Evolution of Hedging Tools
  • A look at the impact of the CME’s Black Sea contract a year after launch
  • Managing risk and exposure when using these new hedging tools: What you can and can’t protect
  • What lessons can be learnt and examples taken from other commodities and the hedging tools they implement?
  • Why is there not the same widespread variety of tools in the agriculture market as there is in the energy market?
Tim Worledge, Editorial Director, Global Wheat and Corn, AgriCensus
5:30PM End of Day 2 and Close of Conference


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