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Agenda Overview

Briefing Day: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Sberbank Seminar

10:00AM New Perspectives in Commodity Business
Evgeniya Minakova, Head of Agricultural sector, Sberbank of Russia, Sberbank
Sergey Reynov, Director, Sales & Trading Global Markets, Sberbank (Switzerland) AG, Sberbank (Switzerland) AG
11:00AM Black Sea Trade and Grain Financiers
Orhan Gunes, Head of Trade Finance, Sberbank (Switzerland) AG, Sberbank (Switzerland) AG
12:30PM Networking Lunch

Please see full agenda here

Black Sea Forum

10:00AM Welcome Address
10:15AM Stats & Facts - Analysis of the 2019 Harvest and Its Impact on the Black Sea Grain Trade
Moderator: Svetlana Malysh, Black Sea Agriculture Markets Analyst, Refinitiv SA
Dmitri Rylko, General Director, IKAR
11:00AM The Role of the Russian Union of Grain Exporters
Eduard Zernin, Executive Director, The Russian Union of Grain Exporters
11:30AM Networking Coffee Break
12:00PM Exports Prospects and Potential New Markets for the Black Sea Traders
Moderator: Ivanna Dorichenko, Managing Director, Tradaide
Oksana Karabin, Head of Grain Trading, Inerco Trade S.A.
Oleg Kryukovskiy, Head of Trading, GTCS Trading DMCC
Swithun Still, Director, Solaris Commodities SA
Thomas Deevy, Risk Manager, Cerealcom Dolj
1:00PM 2019 Crop Quality and Market Potential
Victoria Golubyatnikova, Business Manager for Sales & Customer Care, SGS Ukraine
1:20PM Networking Lunch
2:30PM Developing the Black Sea Infrastructure and Logistics
Moderator: Dr. Rouben Indjikian, International Consultant, Lecturer, Commodities & Trade Finance, Webster University Geneva
Dmytro Furda, Chief trader, Nibulon SA
Igor Pavenskiy, Director, Strategic Marketing, RusAgroTrans
Philipp Grushko, Supervisory Board Member, M.V Cargo
3:10PM The Strategic Significance of the Suez Canal for Black Sea Grain Traders
Ahmed Elshazly, Senior Economic Researcher and Maritime Analyst, Suez Canal Authority
3:25PM Networking Coffee Break
3:50PM Black Sea Market for Grain Derivatives
Moderator: Ivanna Dorichenko, Managing Director, Tradaide
Eric Hasham, Senior Director, Agricultural Products, CME Group
Matt Ammermann, Commodity Risk Manager- VP Eastern Europe/Black Sea Region, INTL FCStone
Alexandre Bobylov, Senior Pricing Specialist, Agriculture EMEA, S&P Global Platts
Oleksandr Solovey, CEO, Spike Trade AG
4:40PM International Finance to Ukranian Farmers Via Crop Receipts
Kyrylo Mukhomedzyanov, Financial Sector Specialist, IFC (World Bank Group)
5:00PM Closing Remarks

Please see full agenda here

Svetlana Malysh, Black Sea Agriculture Markets Analyst, Refinitiv SA

Digitalisation Workshop

10:00AM Welcome Address
Alejandro Pernías, International Trade Expert, President & CEO, GlobalShare
10:15AM The Evolution of Farming: How Embracing New Technologies can Achieve Efficiency
Moderator: Alejandro Pernías, International Trade Expert, President & CEO, GlobalShare
Andrei Grigorov, Co-Founder & CEO, CEREALIA
11:00AM Using CTRM Platforms to Reconcile Supply Chain Management and Risks
11:30AM Networking Refreshment Break
12:00PM Is Blockchain the Solution to All Our Problems?
Celal Koc, Director, Korel
Andrei Grigorov, Co-Founder & CEO, CEREALIA
Orhan Gunes, Head of Trade Finance, Sberbank (Switzerland) AG, Sberbank (Switzerland) AG
Baptiste Audren, Head of Product & Business Development, Komgo
12:45PM Networking Lunch
2:00PM How Digitalisation Revolutionises the Inspection Process
2:30PM How Digitalisation Benefits the Supply Chain Management
3:15PM Networking Refreshment Break
3:45PM Satellite Technology for Crop Monitoring and Forecasting
Inbal Becker-Reshef, Program Scientist, GEOGLAM
4:30PM Electronic Phytosanitary Certification (ePhyto)
5:00PM Closing Remarks

Please see full agenda here

Alejandro Pernías, International Trade Expert, President & CEO, GlobalShare
5:10PM Networking Drinks Reception

Main Conference: Day 1: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

8:00AM Registration & exhibition opens
8:45AM Welcome Address
8:50AM Keynote Address – Grain Trade Projections: 2020 and Beyond

o    Assessing the 2019 production reports: what do they imply? 
o    What are the major barriers to trade in the foreseeable future?
o    How can traders extrapolate trends and forecasts for 2020? 

Dan Basse, President, AgResource Chicago
9:30AM Keynote Panel - Feeding the World: Supply Chain Transparency and Sustainability

•    How to achieve sustainability in the grain industry
•    The impact of new technologies on the trading sector
•    Strategies to manage disruptive changes

Moderator: Dan Basse, President, AgResource Chicago
Heber Cardoso, CEO Global Structure Commodities, ED&F Man Capital Market
Guy Hogge, Global Head - Sustainability, Louis Dreyfus Commodities Suisse SA
Jean-Louis Maertens, Managing Director, Cefetra BV
Eduard Zernin, Executive Director, The Russian Union of Grain Exporters
10:20AM Networking Refreshment Break
10:50AM The Consumer's Perspective: New Requirements for Suppliers

•    A food producer perspective on the farm to fork approach 
•    AB-InBev 2025 sustainability targets
•    The current measures for achieving a sustainable supply chain 
•    How traders and consumers can foster alignment through common sustainability objectives  
•    Opportunities for traders to gain a competitive advantage

Katie Hoard, Global Director of Agricultural Innovation & Sustainability, ABInBev
11:15AM Global Grains Markets – Transparency, Strategies & Outlook

•    Driving transparency of global trade and prices
•    Strategies & margins
•    Frustrations over crop prices and trade wars
•    Black Sea production review and 2020 Outlook

Victoria Sinitsyna, Senior Grain Analyst, S&P Global Platts
Ian Dudden, Global Pricing Director, Metals & Agriculture, S&P Global Platts
11:40AM Assessing Grain Consumption: What to Expect in 2020?

•    2019 grain milling trends that will continue in 2020
•    Market outlook in 2020 for the consumption of wheat, corn, soybean and barley
•    The millers’ standpoint on traceability, food security and its labelling
•    Grain quality implication for food and feed products

Johny Boerjan, Vice-President Technical Governance, SGS Group Management SA
Mark D Jekanowski, Acting Chairman, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Alexander Waugh, Director General, Nabim
Nick Major, President, FEFAC
12:30PM CEO Interview
Stefan Vogel, Head of the Agri Commodities Markets Research Team and Global Sector Strategist for Grains & Oilseed, Rabobank
Ismael Roig, President, EMEA, ADM International Sàrl
1:00PM Networking Lunch

Stream A – Exploring Financial Markets

2:15PM Forecasting Economic Trends and Quantifying Risk in the Grain Markets

•    Assessing geopolitical risks globally
•    Grain-specific risks: Weather and Climate Change
•    The implication of blockchain for trading houses – is technology the solution to all our problems?
•    The impact that currency fluctuation has on grain trading
•    How the financial markets price risks

Moderator: Sterling Smith, Global Lead, Agribusiness, Bloomberg News
Marc Ostwald, Global; Strategist & Chief Economist, ADM Investor Services International
William Nash, Associate Director of Risk Management for Grains & Oilseeds, Mondelez International
Maria Sol Arcidiacono, Country Manager Argentina, ED&F MAN CAPITAL MARKETS
3:00PM Hedging Exposure to Grain Price Volatility

•    Strategic hedging mix using current grain futures contracts
•    OTC derivatives and risk strategy mix
•    Update on the European grain contracts
•    Focus on the Pacific Ocean trade lanes


Moderator: Andrei Agapi, Associate Pricing Director, APAC Agriculture, S&P Global Platts
Noah Faase, Global Risk Management Director, ABInBev
Iago Carvalho, Head of EMEA OTC Desk, ED&F MAN Switzerland Ltd
Paul Dubravec, Vice President, Advance Trading Inc
Nicholas Kennedy, Head of Commodities, Euronext
3:45PM Networking refreshment break
4:10PM The Changing Nature of Trade Finance

•    New sources of trade finance
•    Overcoming currency fluctuations and counterparty exposure 
•    Understanding different sources and models of financing transportation
•    To what extent is the role of the banks changing?

Moderator: Alain Butler, Senior Advisor Soft Commodities, BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA
Nabil Marc Abdul-Massih, CEO, INOKS Capital
Kees Vrins, Trade Director, Allseeds Switzerland SA
Igor Ukrasin, Head Corporate Banking & Coverage Member Of Executive Board, Sberbank Switzerland Ag
4:50PM Quantitative Trading: reconciling Capital and Physical Market Pricing

•    A brief introduction to quant investing
•    Futures and options market participants and strategies
•    Why are agricultural commodities targeted by quant strategies?
•    Do speculators affect futures pricing?

Robert Cartwright, Systematic Portfolio Manager (Commodities), TUDOR CAPITAL EUROPE LLP

Stream B – Forecasting Regional Trade

2:15PM How Procurement Organisations Shape Trade Patterns in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Regions

•    How food security is defining a new role for governments
•    How dietary trends influence procurement strategies
•    Currency fluctuations and domestic price stabilisation
•    Spotlight on North Africa and the Middle East

Moderator: Arnaud Petit, Executive Director, International Grains Council
Cagatay Maras, Head of Trade, Turkish Grain Board (TMO)
Malak Al Akiely, CEO, Golden Wheat for Grain Trading
Olumide Famakinwa, General Manager, GM, Co-Link Investment Managenent Ltd.
3:00PM Black Sea: New Trade Prospects

•    What margin of growth can be expected from the North African, Middle Eastern and Southern European markets?
•    Can new South East Asian routes be sustainable?
•    How consolidation within the market is shaping exports
•    What are the effects of the 2019 harvest quality on trade routes?

Moderator: Gert Bosscher, Broker, CM Geneva SA
Swithun Still, Director, Solaris Commodities SA
Petar Dimitrov, Founder And Director, Agricore
Dmitri Rylko, General Director, IKAR
Thomas Deevy, Risk Manager, Cerealcom Dolj
3:45PM Networking refreshment break
4:10PM Charting change in South East Asian Grain Value Chain and the Implication for the Regional Demand & Supply

•    The impact of the Australian drought  
•    Is there a limit to Brazilian export growth in the region?
•    How new dietary trends impact grain demand 
•    Assessing the regional corn value chain challenges 
•    Emerging opportunities in the nascent market of Laos

Moderator: Tim Worledge, Editorial Director, Global Wheat and Corn, AgriCensus
Fred Humberg, CEO, Agribrasil
Sumit Gupta, Business Manager, Gargaon, India, McDonald Pelz
Rodrigo Carcamo-Diaz, Economic Affairs Officer, UNCTAD
4:50PM How Shortages and Oversupplies in North American Markets Are Impacting Trade
  • How corn and soybean stocks are influencing farmers and traders strategies
  • What’s the future holds for North American exports?
  • Laws and rules: Trade disputes, international tenure, and food labelling
Rami H Taieb, Regional Director, EMEA Region, U.S. Grains Council
Mark D Jekanowski, Acting Chairman, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Erin K Gowriluk, Executive Director, Grain Growers of Canada
Jim Sutter, CEO, US Soybean Export Council
Sterling Smith, Global Lead, Agribusiness, Bloomberg News
5:30PM Global Grain Networking Reception

Main Conference: Day 2: Thursday, November 14, 2019

8:30AM Registration & exhibition opens
9:00AM Welcome Address
9:15AM Agri-Markets: The Future of the System

•    Interconnections between agri-markets and arbitrage along supply chains
•    How the agri-system regulates itself
•    Challenges from consumer activism on diets and utilisation of resources
•    How business models need to adapt to new market imperatives

Alain Butler, Senior Advisor Soft Commodities, BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA
9:45AM The Weather Outlook

•    Assessing of weather patterns and their impact on the major planting regions        
•    Outlook on the Southern hemisphere harvesting season: El Nino and La Nina
•    An early outlook at 2020 growing season in the Northern hemisphere

Kyle Tapley, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist, Maxar
10:15AM Grain Freights Markets- embracing a period of structural change and uncertainty
  • Structural changes in the market: shipping supply and demand analysis and update
  • Global warming and shipping: the impact of IMO 2020
  • Shipping in the polarized world: the impact of trade wars on grain freight rates
  • The continued impact of the technological revolution on shipping
Moderator: Voytek Chelkowski, Managing Director, Seamind Pte Ltd
Alex Haubert, Manager, Ocean Freight, Amaggi SA
Fergus Garvin, Head Of Freight, Engelhart Commodities Trading Partners
Amer Y Badawi, Head of Charters / Ocean Transportation, United Nations - World Food Programme
Alessio La Rosa, Global Head of Freight, COFCO Agri
11:15AM Networking Refreshment Break

Spotlight on Soy Markets

11:45AM Soy for a Growing World

•    Production developments to assure that the needs of consumers are met        
•    Opportunities to increase livestock production profits by selecting the right soybean meal

Jim Sutter, CEO, US Soybean Export Council
12:15PM Market Potential for the Plant Based Proteins Sector

•    The latest scientific developments in products and technologies
•    Impact on cost of production & enticing growth in future consumption
•    Do plant based proteins conform to the current sustainability trends 
•    The potential impact on the grain and cattle markets 

Kelley Fitzpatrick, Principle, NutriScience Solutions
12:45PM The Feed Market: How the Changing Demand Patterns Affect Grain Trade

•    How the African Swine Fever is affecting Chinese consumption
•    The Impact on the South East Asian region
•    Why is Russia producing record feed rations?
•    Outlook and opportunities for US exports in EMEA countries
•    Overview of the North African feed markets
•    Update on the recent WTO ruling on China’s TRQs and the broader GAFTA policy context

Moderator: Nick Major, President, FEFAC
Rami H Taieb, Regional Director, EMEA Region, U.S. Grains Council
Tony Freiji, CEO & President, Wadi Group
Josef Schmidhuber, Deputy Director Trade & Markets Division, Food & Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations
1:45PM Closing Remarks

•    Who needs barriers? Expected trade developments in 2020
•    Rebalancing protectionism and globalisation
•    Is the compound animal feed market in need of deregulation?

Christiane Daleiden Distefano, Chair of WTO Committee on Agriculture, World Trade Organisation
2:00PM Traders Brunch

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