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Agenda Overview

Day One: Monday, March 13, 2017

INTL FCStone Risk Management Workshop

8:30AM Registration desk opens
8:45AM Welcome by hosts
9:00AM Importance of price risk management
9:45AM Overview of futures market
  • Terminology, concepts, mechanics
  • Types of traders
  • Financial integrity – margin
10:45AM Morning refreshments and networking break
11:00AM Hedging and basis
  • Cash – futures relationships
  • Hedging concept and mechanics
11:45AM Local Asian basis and futures edges
  • Practical hedging examples for buyers - wheat millers and feed manufacturers
12:30PM Networking lunch break
1:15PM Overview of options
  • Terminology, concepts and pricing
2:15PM Option strategies for Asia
3:00PM Afternoon refreshments and networking break
3:15PM Introduction to the OTC markets
4:15PM Practical OTC applications for Asian markets
  • Wheat millers and feed manufacturers
5:00PM Interest rates and FX market exposure
5:25PM Closing remarks
5:30PM Welcome drinks reception hosted by SGS Group

China Briefing Day

12:00PM Registration desk opens
12:30PM Overview of the Chinese grains and oilseeds market
  • Corn, wheat, soy, feed and pork fundamental trajectories
  • Major swing factors for Chinese grains and oilseeds balance sheet
  • Potential new game changers - are the good years behind us?
Jean-Yves Chow, Senior Vice President, Food & Agri Sector Coverage Asia Pacific, Mizuho Bank, Ltd
1:00PM Chinese macroeconomic fundamentals and implications for the agricultural sector
  • What can be expected for China’s economy in the coming decade?
  • Impact of the one- and two-child policies on demographics
  • Currency devaluations and impact on trade
  • Trade relationships; past, present and future
Jiao Jian, Senior Economist and Deputy General Manager, COFCO Futures
1:30PM Governmental agricultural policy reforms and their impact on the market
  • Removal of price support system for corn – what does this mean for farmers and buyers?
  • Will there be a new price support system to replace this?
  • Is there a need for conservation criteria in any new policy?
  • Update on Chinese corn stockpiles and exports – where are these going?
Juhui Huang, Vice President Of Corporate Affairs, Greater China, BRF Asia
2:00PM Networking refreshment break
2:30PM Chinese grains panel: corn, DDGS and sorghum market dynamics
  • Removal of corn price support and impact on market players
  • Supply and demand projectionswhere is the volume coming from?
  • DDGS anti-dumping update – how will this affect trade of other products between US and China?
  • Import permit issues – is this an ongoing problem?
Simon Yin, Product Manager, China Sinopharm International Corporation
3:15PM Controlling the source: Chinese investment in origination regions
  • Notable mergers and acquisition trends in South America, Australia and North America
  • What might this mean for grain markets?
  • Different investment strategies: land, logistics, processing or origination/trading
  • What is the right partnership and governance model?
Kevin Tang, Director, CCIBC
3:45PM Networking refreshment break
4:15PM Chinese soybean meal demand review and hot topics for the year ahead
  • Review of Chinese protein demand in 2016
  • Outlook for protein demand in 2017
  • Analysis of key market drivers – macroeconomic impact on the market
4:45PM Panel discussion: importing grains vs importing meat
  • Domestic meat production and import trends
  • What does trend of buying assets at the source mean for local grain traders and hog farmers?
  • Does it make more sense for China to pursue a grain import or meat import strategy?
Moderator: Juhui Huang, Vice President Of Corporate Affairs, Greater China, BRF Asia
Marcos Jank, Ceo, Asia-Brazil Agro Alliance (ABBA)
Ji Tao Han, Vice CEO, New Hope Liuhe
Jean-Yves Chow, Senior Vice President, Food & Agri Sector Coverage Asia Pacific, Mizuho Bank, Ltd
5:30PM Welcome drinks reception hosted by SGS Group

Day Two: Tuesday, March 14, 2017

8:00AM Registration desk opens
9:00AM Chairperson's opening remarks
9:05AM The Quiet Giant – emerging economies, shifting demand and the global grains and oilseeds outlook 2017
  • World record production versus record feed demand – inelasticity in the threat of any weather problems
  • Emerging importers and geopolitics – who is buying what, from where and the impact on “traditional” markets
  • World feed demand – harder to measure and gauge.  How susceptible is the world to under-estimating this driver?
  • What is the world willing to pay for the U.S. to be the world’s reserve or storage tank of wheat, corn and soybeans?
  • Quality and protein levels – key theme for the world wheat market
  • Argentina – the key for world soymeal and soy oil prices as the market transitions under the Macri administration
Emily French, Managing Director, ConsiliAgra
10:00AM The Great Game of Global Trade
  • Trade relationships - past, present and future
  • What does the future hold for the TPP?
  • The Trump Effect
  • Implications of trade relationship changes for the global ag commodity market
Michael Every, Head of Financial Markets Research, Asia Pacific, Rabobank
10:30AM Morning refreshments and networking break
11:00AM Australian winter wheat season review: have quality concerns been realised?
  • How have regional weather conditions affected crop size and quality?
  • Can Australian wheat remain price competitive with its international competition?
  • How has the protein premium changed this year?
  • Are Australian exporters seeing significantly increased demand from existing markets in the region?  Are any new markets attracting interest?
Elmar Nau, Group Holdings Director, Interflour Holdings
Gavin Bignell, General Manager - Operations, CBH Group
Brett Donoghue, Director, Agracom Pty Ltd
11:30AM North American crop production and export outlook
  • What are this coming season’s production expectations for wheat, corn and soy?
  • How can USA and Canada remain price competitive in the current market?
  • To what extent are North American farmers turning towards pulses as an alternative to wheat?  How much of this is due to Asian demand?
Fraser Gilbert, Senior Strategic Business Development - Agricultural Services, SGS Group Management SA
12:00PM Managing currency and FX risk in an uncertain global economic environment
  • What are the main risks associated with changing FX rates and currency valuations?
  • Effective hedging strategies to protect margins from FX risk
  • Utilising options to protect your downside while participating in the upside
Ron Waliczek, OTC FX and Rates Structured Solutions, INTL FCStone
12:30PM Networking lunch break

Gafta Arbitration and its new developments

Jade Dyson, Director Of Gafta Singapore, GAFTA Singapore
Jaine Chisholm Caunt, Director General, Gafta
1:45PM Grain trading in the 'Information Age'
  • Re-inventing supply chains through use of cross-platform data integration, professional networks, real time communication tools and geographic information systems
  • How can the international grain trading and milling community leverage these tools to achieve further efficiencies?
  • Following vessels and port logistics in real time
  • Crop monitoring tools to access harvest quality data as quickly as possible
Siavosh Arasteh, Managing Director, AgFlow SA
2:15PM South American production: can this region strengthen their position in global grains and oilseeds trade?
  • Looking back on a season hampered by adverse weather conditions
  • Argentina’s promising economic recovery – how have export policy changes affected the country’s production volumes and trade flows?
  • Brazil update – how has the country’s political situation changed in recent months and what impact is this having on the market?
  • Export capabilities for wheat, corn and soy
Lennart Andersen, Broker, Arcevil SA
2:45PM South American logistics and infrastructure development: the key to Asian grains and oilseeds supply?
  • New government and private sector infrastructure projects – progress and expectations
  • Which regions are suffering the worst supply bottlenecks and how can these be alleviated?
  • What is to become of the proposed railway connecting Mato Grosso with the South of Brazil?  Is this plan likely to come to fruition?
  • How can Brazil optimise cargo use by bringing in fertilizers and other commodities as return freight?
Marcelo Neri, CEO, Alphamar
Arthur Neto, Director, Alphamar
3:15PM Afternoon refreshments and networking break
3:45PM Black Sea grains: assessing the price-quality balance
  • Which Asian destinations are showing the most demand for Black Sea originated grains?
  • What are the main challenges exporting into these markets?
  • To what extent has crop quality been compromised by poor weather?
  • How will increased competition from other region influence prices?
Oleg Kryukovskiy, Head of Trading, GTCS Trading DMCC
4:15PM Southeast Asian millers’ strategies in a low price environment
  • How are Indonesian feed millers adapting to the corn import ban?
  • What risk management strategies are being implemented by millers in the region?
  • How do Asia Pacific millers value wheat qualities?
  • How are currency fluctuations affecting procurement strategies in the region?
  • Projected meat consumption levels for developed and developing Asian countries
Neoh Soon Bin, Managing Director, Soon Soon Group
Winston Hsu, Director, PT Satwa Boga Sempurna
5:00PM Is Myanmar set to become the new Vietnam for grain suppliers?
  • What potential does Myanmar have as a destination market for grains and oilseeds?
  • How has foreign investment in the agri sector increased since the removal of sanctions by the US and EU?
  • Where are new feed mills being built and what are plans for the future?
  • Tapping into the Burmese market – what challenges are being faced?
U Tin Htut Oo, Chairman of Agriculture Group, Yoma Strategic Holdings
5:30PM Networking drinks reception, hosted by GAFTA and supported by Starcom Resources, at the Singapore Cricket Club

Day Three: Wednesday, March 15, 2017

9:00AM Chairperson's opening remarks
9:15AM Traders’ panel: strategies to ride out the storm and make gains in a tough market
  • New markets and changing demand – which destinations are of most interest?
  • What impact have traders felt from the significant consolidation in the market?
  • How are traders in the region utilising risk management tools to hedge their risk?
  • What strategies are being adopted to increase margins in a difficult environment?
Alban Coton, Group Manager - Trade Grains, ADM Asia Pacific Trading Pte Ltd
Vijay Iyengar, Chairman & Managing Director, Agrocorp International Pte Ltd
Luke Mason, Head of Grains - Asia, Concordia Agritrading Pte Ltd
Brett Cooper, Head Of Ags - Asia, INTL FC Stone
10:00AM Global weather trends and agriculture: what to watch heading into the Northern Hemisphere growing season
  • Update on La Niña/El Niño and what it means for global weather patterns
  • Wrap-up of South American growing season and the latest on Southeast Asia and Australia
  • Weather expectations for the upcoming growing season in North America, Europe, Black Sea and China
Kyle Tapley, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist, Radiant Solutions
10:30AM Refreshments and networking break
11:15AM Ocean freight in crisis: an era of risks and opportunities for grain buyers
  • Ocean freight markets in crisis - a historical overview
  • Where is the grain freight market heading?  Supply and demand analysis and forecast
  • Managing the risks and capturing opportunities - a grain trading company perspective
John D'Ancona, Divisional Director, Analysis Group, Clarksons Platou Asia Pte Ltd
11:45AM India and Bangladesh: reliant again on wheat imports
  • What do India’s domestic policies look like and how will these affect grain trade flows?
  • Where have these countries been sourcing their wheat and what grades are most desirable?
  • Assessing the price and quality of Indian and Bangladeshi origin grains and the appetite of Asia Pacific end users for them
  • How can traders find value in Indian and Bangladeshi grain?
Sumit Gupta, Business Manager, Gargaon, India, McDonald Pelz
12:15PM Networking brunch hosted by Asia Pacific Grain Traders

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