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Draft agenda

Monday, 9th March
Latin America Forum

Registration & exhibition opens

Welcome Address

11.15-12.00 Stats & Facts – Analysis of the 2020 Harvest and Its Impact on the Latin American Exports

  • The winners and losers from the 2020 harvest
  • How do Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay fare in the 2020 trading window?
  • Exports forecasts

12.00-12.20 – Presentation
2019 Crop Quality and Market Potential

  • The 2020 crop quality in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay
  • Overview of the wheat, corn and soy markets
  • Correlation between protein content and destination markets

12.20-13.20 – Panel Discussion
Exports Prospects and Potential New Markets

  • The structure of the Latin American grain growers’ industry: origination challenges, risks and premiums
  • Infrastructure and export markets
  • Prevailing trade lanes for the 2020 trading season

Networking Lunch

14.10-15.10 – Panel Discussion
Port Infrastructure and Freight Rates

  • Bringing grain to market: the infrastructure status quo
  • Structural changes in the market: shipping supply and demand analysis and update
  • Global warming and shipping: the impact of IMO 2020
  • Shipping in the polarized world: the impact of trade wars on grain freight rates
  • The continued impact of the technological revolution on shipping

Networking Coffee Break

15.40-16.30 – Panel Discussion
The Latin American Market for Grain Derivatives
Update on the CBOT soy contract volumes: does it correlate to Latin American prices?
Hedging strategies available to Latin American traders
Overview of the regional OTC markets

Closing Remarks

Tuesday, 10th March
Main Conference - Day 1

Registration & exhibition opens

Welcome Address

09.00-09.30 – Keynote Address
Market Outlook, Shifting Consumption Patterns and International Trading Barriers

  • The 2019 harvests: southern v northern hemisphere
  • Seeking stability over the regional demand drivers
  • How the trading houses are responding to market challenges
  • Regional markets overview
  • Trade wars: implication for grain trading
  • Measuring the repercussion of the Chinese economic slowdown on grain consumption
  • Is currency fluctuation a determinant of grain trading origination?

09.30-10.30 – The Keynote Panel Discussion
Charting Changes – Trading Houses’ Strategies to Adapt to Market Disruption

  • The new normal: new markets, new trade lanes and new procurement patterns
  • Strategies to manage risks and maximise returns
  • Achieving competitive advantage through repositioning in high-value market segments

Networking Refreshment Break

Spotlight on China

11.00-11.30 – Presentation
Overview of the Chinese Grain Market

  • Food security policies and their impact of the Chinese grain sector
  • Forecasting the grain requirements for the ethanol industry
  • The impact of ASF on the Chinese feed sector

Qi Chiming, Analyst, Decision Consulting Department
National Grain & Oilseed Information Centre, National Food & Strategic Reserves Administration, China Confirmed

11.30-12.00 – Presentation
The Impact of Dietary Changes and Meat Substitution on Grain Trading

  • Overview of the Chinese grain market in view of the recent government policy changes
  • Chicken v pork and baguettes v noodles. How changes in Chinese diet can affect the grain industry
  • Update on the Chinese grain stockpiles and how to predict the country’s future imports

Juhui Huang, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Greater China
BRF Asia, China Confirmed

12.00-12.30 – Presentation
The Ethanol market potential in South East Asia countries

  • Is the Chinese E10 mandate achievable in 2020?
  • The quest to develop a regional biofuels industry: importing ethanol or fermenting corn?
  • Update on the South East Asian ethanol production and measure
  • Assessing its impact on the regional grain demand

Annual CEO Interview

Networking Lunch

14.30-14.50 – Presentation
Crop Quality and Their Market Potential

  • Overview of the origination markets: Northern America, Southern America, Australia and the Black Sea
  • Redefining preferences: supply shortages and their alternatives
  • Insights for food and feed buyers

14.50-15.50 – Panel Discussion
Milling around: sourcing grain to supply flour production

  • An overview of the South East Asian flour industry
  • Procurement strategies: grain quality, dietary trends and buying patterns
  • Supply chain traceability and sustainability to ensure food safety and security

Networking Refreshment Break

16.15-16.35 – Presentation
Weather Patterns and Their Impact on the Northern and Southern Hemisphere Crops

  • Update on El Nino and La Nina
  • Forecasts for the remainder of the Southern hemisphere growing season
  • Expectations and patterns for the new growing season in the Northern hemisphere

16.35-17.30 – Panel Discussion
Assessing Supply – Striking the Price-Quality Balance and Freight Implications

  • Indian Ocean destinations for Black Sea grain
  • Understanding markets and volumes for Canadian and US grain
  • Update on Latin America: record crops and currency advantages meet policy drawback
  • Australia’s quest for premium markets

Networking Drinks

Wednesday, 11th March
Main Conference - Day 2

Registration & exhibition opens

Welcome Address

Enduring the impact of ASF: Short-Term Tactics or Long-Term Plans?

  • How African Swine Fever (ASF) is affecting the regional pork consumption
  • Forecasting the ASF impact on regional grain demand
  • Update on the recent WTO ruling on China’s TRQs and the broader GAFTA policy context

09.45-10.45 – Panel Discussion
Overview of the Feed Industry: New Demand Patterns and Grain Consumption

  • The importance of animal feed as a soy consumption driver
  • The hierarchy of animal protein: pork, chicken, fish and beef. What does it mean to grain traders?
  • Repositioning strategies to manage structural changes

Networking Refreshment Break

Agritech & Bioscience Session

11.00-11.15 – Presentation
Singapore as Tech-Hub

11.15-11.40 – Presentation
Overview of the Plant-Based Protein Market

  • The latest scientific developments in products and technologies
  • Impact on cost of production & enticing growth in future consumption
  • Do plant-based proteins conform to the current sustainability trends
  • The potential impact on the soybean and cattle markets

11.40-12.40 – Panel Discussion
Yields, Efficiency and Profitability: A Round-Up on the Latest Agritech Developments

  • Conventional and new seeds technology
  • Bioscience solutions to meet demand from a growing population
  • Identifying value-added segments for grain trading companies to exploit

12.40-13.10 – CEO Interview
Interviewee - Deepak Singhal, CEO, Tolaram
Interviewer TBC

Closing Remarks

Networking Lunch & End of Conference


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